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You can’t translate Quebec sites on old versions of Chrome anymore

You can’t translate Quebec sites on old versions of Chrome anymore

Google has started slowly removing Chrome Translate from old versions of the browser. If you’re using Chrome 95 or older, it will no longer be able to automatically translate web pages for you.

The current version is Chrome 113. Chrome 95 was released in October 2021, and Chrome 96 arrived in December 2021.

If you’ve been updating your browser consistently, there’s no need to do anything. If you haven’t been updating it, but your technology is relatively recent, you just need to install the updates so that you’re using Chrome 96 or newer.

This change will only significantly affect those whose technology is running old operating systems. One example is Android Lollipop, the operating system that released in 2014, which can only run Chrome 95 or older.

Even for those using older tech, it doesn’t mean you’ll be unable to use Google Translate. You will no longer have the convenience of the browser translating for you, but you can still open Translate in another tab to copy and paste the text.

In other Google Translate news, it was announced at Google I/O that it would soon have 24 more languages. Earlier this year, we learned more of its languages would be available offline.

Source: Gooogle

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