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Woman in lehenga choli dances gracefully to Sawaar Loon. Watch | Trending

Dance videos are quite popular on Instagram thanks to their uplifting quotient. From a woman dancing to Choli Ke Peeche to a group’s captivating performance to the song To Build a Home, these videos keep us hooked to our screens for quite some time. Among the multitude of such videos, one, in particular, is catching the attention of many and winning hearts online.

Woman dressed in lehenga choli dances to Sawaar Loon. (Instagram/@drisyareghuram)
Woman dressed in lehenga choli dances to Sawaar Loon. (Instagram/@drisyareghuram)

“A little golden hour dance,” wrote artist Drisya ︎Reghuram while sharing a video on Instagram. The video shows Reghuram, dressed in a beautiful lehenga choli, dancing to the song Sawaar Loon. The sun’s rays embrace her as she twirls, casting a warm, ethereal glow upon her performance. With each step, Drisya leaves an indelible impression in the hearts of all who witnessed it.

Watch the dance video here:

The video was shared three days ago on Instagram. It has since then raked up more than 2.1 lakh views, and the numbers are quickly increasing. The share has also prompted people to leave their thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s how people reacted to this dance video:

“I have watched this more than 20 times I guess. So much in love,” posted an individual. Another added, “Gorgeous expressions and choreography.” “You look exactly how this song made me feel,” expressed a third. A fourth commented, “Wow.” “You are awesome,” shared a fifth.

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