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Windows 11 to get ‘Force quit’ button in the taskbar

Windows 11 to get ‘Force quit’ button in the taskbar

Windows 11 is getting a bunch of small yet meaningful improvements, as detailed at Microsoft’s Build 2023 event. We’ve already learned about incoming archive format support and a ‘Dynamic Lighting’ tool to hopefully save the scattered RGB peripheral market. Next, Microsoft will add a ‘Force quit’ button to the taskbar.

Taking a page out of macOS, the new force quit option will let Windows 11 users kill apps that have crashed, bugged out, or otherwise gone rogue without needing to dive into the Task Manager.

The new button can be accessed by right-clicking on an app in the taskbar and selecting ‘Force quit’ from the menu. However, it’s not clear when the feature will go live in Windows 11.

Alongside the force quit button, The Verge reports that a newly released Windows 11 test build sports a much-anticipated taskbar improvement: ‘Never combine’ mode. This taskbar option makes the taskbar show each app window on the taskbar and labels them. Never combine mode has been in past versions of Windows but was among the many missing taskbar features when Windows 11 launched.

While small, these various tweaks and improvements coming to Windows 11 are welcome quality improvements. Arguably, most of these features should have been in Windows 11 to start, and possibly even in previous versions of Windows. Still, better late than never.

Source: The Verge

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