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What to Study Abroad in Salzburg, Austria: Featured Courses

What to Study Abroad in Salzburg, Austria: Featured Courses

Last Updated on October 12, 2021 by AIFS Abroad

There are plenty of reasons you’ll love studying abroad in Salzburg – including the amazing courses you can take there! Whether you are looking for courses that fit your major or electives, AIFS offers a wide variety of quality courses. 

About Study Abroad Courses in Salzburg

With the exception of German language courses, all courses are taught in English. No previous German language study is required to study abroad in Salzburg. Credit is awarded by Fairfield University. Exciting courses are available during the fall semester, spring semester, summer term, January term and academic year! 

Areas of Study in Salzburg                                                                            

Courses are available in Salzburg in: Anthropology, Art, Art history, Business, Economics, German language, History, International Relations, Literature, Music, Music history, Political Science, Sociology and more! 

Nighttime view of Salzburg, Austria

Featured Courses in Salzburg by Major

📚  The Arts

Students interested in art, art history or music can enjoy course options in Salzburg such as: 

  • Austrian Folk Art and Folk Customs: Study Austrian rustic architecture, everyday life, decorations, costume, crafts, religious art, seasonal customs and more. You’ll get to learn beyond the classroom too – this course includes visits to the National Costume Museum and Open-Air Museum in Salzburg! 
  • Music in the Age of Mozart: This course provides an overview of the Baroque and Classical period in music, with an emphasis on Mozart (who was born and raised in Salzburg). Make music history come to life through course-related field trips in Salzburg and Vienna! 
  • Music History: Late Baroque to the Romantic Period: This course is available through the Summer Study & Travel Program: Music History in Germany & Austria. Spend 3 weeks immersing yourself in the rich music history of Germany and Austria! Travel to Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Salzburg and Vienna while analyzing the works of composers such as Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn and Strauss. 

📚  Business

Business, economics and finance courses available in Austria include: 

  • Europe and the Global Economy: Study the economic developments of the former Eastern bloc countries and how these developments have influenced the European and global economy. 
  • International Management Strategies: Learn more about the features of strategic management and planning and their application within international fields. Students learn about scenario technique and portfolio analysis, as well as how to create their own strategies. 

📚  Education

Education courses offered in London include:

  • Comparative Education Systems: Gain a comparative perspective on the British education system and deepen your understanding of socio-cultural issues within international education. Through field trips and lectures, explore the evolution of the English education system, as well as contemporary issues such as the role of education in social mobility, social justice and issues of inclusion and exclusion.

✨ P.S. Want to learn about the education systems in Spain and Italy as well? Check out our Comparative Education Systems: Study & Travel program!

  • Psychology and Education: Explore some of the challenges faced in the classroom, including dyslexia, ADHD and the teaching of exceptionally gifted pupils, as well as role of the education psychologist. In addition to classroom lectures, field trips and speakers complement the course material.

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📚  History and Geography

Attention history majors! Immerse yourself in Austria’s rich history with courses including: 

  • The Rise of the Right: A History of Fascism: This course is a comparative study of fascism from the end of WWI to the present. Learn more about the return of fascism, neo-Nazi violence, immigration issues, ethnic cleansing and the growth of the radical right in the former communist countries.  
  • World War II and Central Europe: Examine how the conflict affected Central Europe, particularly Austria. Eyewitnesses are invited to class meetings to discuss their experiences with students. 

📚  Political Science and International Relations

Political science and international relations courses available in Salzburg include: 

  • What Are Those European Socialist Ideas About? A History of European Socialist Thinking: This course draws on the history of progressive thought in Europe focusing on the debates, the revisions and the renewal from 1850-2010.  
  • Protection of Human Rights: Study the legal aspects of human rights, as well as the role of international organizations such as Amnesty International and the United Nations. Explore current examples of human rights violations through oral presentations, group projects and discussion. 

📚  Social Sciences

Gain a global perspective with courses in social sciences including: 

  • Contemporary Austrian Culture: Gain insight into modern Austrian culture with a focus on education, family, ethnicity, political culture, media, the Roman Catholic Church, attitudes to welfare and business and leisure trends. 
  • The Modern European Mind: Examine the formative political, social and philosophical ideas of thinkers including Kant, Mill, Bentham, Hegel, Marx, Engels and Popper. 

📚  World Languages and Literature

German language courses are available in Salzburg at a variety of skill levels. A history course taught in German is also available to students studying abroad in Salzburg.  

  • Elementary German I  – Advanced German: Students take a placement exam upon arrival to determine the appropriate level language course. Each course is divided into grammar, conversation, vocabulary and culture with regular tests, a mid-term and final exam.  
  • Hitler und das Dritte Reich (Hitler and the Third Reich): Analyze Adolf Hitler as a psychological phenomenon and a study in tyranny. This course is taught in basic German and students are given assistance when required to ensure they fully understand the material.  

Find More Courses in Salzburg

Did you know that you can explore courses in Salzburg and beyond using the AIFS Course Search feature? Search by location, term or academic field to find the perfect study abroad courses for you! 

Amazing courses in Salzburg, Austria with AIFS

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