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What to Study Abroad in Rome, Italy: Featured Courses

What to Study Abroad in Rome, Italy: Featured Courses

From its ancient ruins to its amazing food scene, there are many reasons to study abroad in Rome! Once you’ve settled on your dream destination, it’s time to decide what you’ll study abroad. Whether you are focused on taking courses within your major or looking for electives, AIFS offers an array of stimulating courses for students studying abroad in Rome! 

About Study Abroad in Rome

Exciting courses are available during the fall semester, spring semester, summer term, January term and academic year! With the exception of Italian language courses, all courses are taught in English. No prior Italian language study is required to study abroad in Rome.  

Most classes take place in the AIFS Global Education Center, located in the heart of the city. Academic credit for AIFS Rome programs is awarded by Fairfield University. 

Areas of Study in Rome                                                                            

Architecture, art, art history, business, communications, economics, film, gender studies, history, journalism, marketing, media, music, photography, political science, psychology, sociology and more. 

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Featured Courses in Rome by Major

📚  The Arts

Courses available in art, art history and photography include: 

  • Masters of the Renaissance and Baroque in Rome: Explore the evolution of Italian painting, sculpture and architecture in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom – enjoy field trips to see works by masters such as Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Bernini! 

✨ P.S. Want to immerse yourself in art while traveling to seven stunning European cities? Check out our European Art and Culture: Study & Travel Program! 

  • Photojournalism: Rome Reportage: Both photographers and journalism majors will benefit from this course! While exploring Rome, students will engage in assignments related to the real world of photojournalism.  
  • Rome Sketchbook: Let Rome be your muse! This course focuses on drawing the most peculiar sites of the city, from the Tiber River to the numerous Roman churches, galleries and museums. Students produce a sketchbook in order to record the city, create ideas, and show how drawing is an open and mobile tool for exploring reality. 

📚  Business

Courses available in business, economics, finance and marketing include: 

  • International Marketing: Gain an understanding of marketing strategies used in today’s global market. Learn about marketing management actions companies need to take in order to remain competitive.  
  • International Internship: This course is offered alongside a part-time internship placement. Internships are highly customizable and helps students gain work experience with organizations in business, industry, government, non-profits, education and more! The course focuses on mentoring students to recognize their strengths and provides the tools needed to succeed at networking and interviews.  

📚  Communications and Media

Communications, film, journalism and media courses offered in Rome include: 

  • A Century of Italian Cinema: This course covers Italian cinema and society through the movies, with specific attention to the period following WWII. Analyze the evolution of Italian cinema through its masterpieces and against the background of international cinema. 

✨ Did you know you can spend a summer studying film while traveling to Rome, London and Paris? Check out our European Cinema: Study & Travel program! 

  • Travel Writing – Rome: Develop your research and writing skills while exploring the basic features of journalism. Through class excursions in and around Rome, you’ll learn to observe and report on these trips by using the highly detailed and personal style characteristics of travel writing. 

📚  History and Geography

History and geography courses available in Rome include: 

  • Italian Mafias: History and Evolutions: Examine the multifaceted world of the Italian mafias from a historical, social, cultural, criminological and political point of view. Topics include the relationships between the Italian and the American Mafias and the connections between Mafia and politics in Italy. 
  • The Rise, Fall and Legacy of the Roman Empire: Through lectures, discussions and field trips to major archaeological sites, you’ll explore the entire history of Rome. From the rise of the Republic to the fall of the Empire, investigate the cultural and material legacy of Rome. 

📚  Political Science and International Relations

Courses offered in political science and international relations include: 

  • Contemporary Italian Society: Explore the transformations of modern Italian society, from its struggles with Fascism to its post-war evolutions. Topics include the relationship between the Italian State and the Catholic Church, the development of political parties, the Italian mafias and the role of Southern Italy. 
  • Politics of Genocide: Auschwitz: This course begins with classroom lectures and discussions in Rome. The second part of the course involves a 3-day trip to Kraków, where you’ll explore the diversity of national identities and analyze the intricacies of ethnic, religious, and cultural factors. Special attention is dedicated to the importance of memory.  

📚  Pre-law and Criminal Justice

Courses in criminal justice, criminology and pre-law include:  

  • Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice / History of the Italian Mafia: Take these two exciting courses through our Criminal Justice in Rome and London: Study and Travel Program! In Rome, you’ll learn about the history of the Italian mafia while visiting Rebibbia State Prison, the Military Police School, the Italian Parliament/Senate and Libera, a network of over 1,200 associations which support the fight against organized crime. While in London, your coursework takes a comparative approach to criminal justice. You’ll debate the causes of crime and law enforcement practices and outcomes while comparing the criminal justice systems of the U.S., U.K. and Italy.  

📚  Social Sciences

Social sciences courses offered in Rome include: 

  • Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Rome: Using ancient sources, students analyze how ancient Romans viewed gender roles, non-binary gender identities and sexual orientation. Visits to museums and archaeological sites will illustrate how ideas about gender and sexuality shaped public and private space, architecture and art. 
  • Italian Culture: Facts, Customs and Traditions: Develop an understanding of contemporary Italian culture and style through examining the role of politics, religion and the fashion industry. Through visits to major Roman sites, you’ll explore the shaping of modern Italian cultural identity and style. 

📚  World Languages and Literature

Italian language courses are available in Rome for a wide variety of skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced speakers. 

  • Elementary Italian I – Advanced Italian: Students take a placement test to determine their appropriate course level. An Intensive Italian Language Program is available for students wishing to focus on Italian language proficiency during their time abroad. 

Find More Courses in Rome

Did you know that you can find the perfect study abroad courses for your interests using our course search feature? Search by country, city, term and/or academic field and get a list of courses that match your needs! 

Amazing courses in Rome, Italy with AIFS Study Abroad

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