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What to Study Abroad in London, England: Featured Courses

What to Study Abroad in London, England: Featured Courses

Last Updated on September 30, 2021 by AIFS Abroad

While there are many reasons to fall in love with London, one major benefit of studying abroad in London is the incredible courses you can take! Whether you are interested in checking off requirements for your major or looking for fun electives, AIFS has a ton of course options for students interested in studying abroad in England’s vibrant capital city.

About Study Abroad in London

Exciting courses are available during the fall semester, spring semester, summer term, January term and academic year! Courses are available at the AIFS Global Education Center in London (accredited by Fairfield University); Shakespeare’s Globe (accredited by Fairfield University); University College London; University of the Arts London; and St. George’s, University of London.

Areas of Study in London                                                                            

Courses are available in London in a variety of fields, including: Anthropology, Art, Art History, Biology, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Design, Economics, Education, English, Fashion, Finance, Gender Studies, Geography, Health Sciences, History, International Relations, Land and Natural Sciences, Marketing, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sustainability, Theater and more!

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View of Tower Bridge and the Thames in London, England

Featured Courses in London by Major

📚  The Arts

Art, art history, design, fashion and theater courses offered in London include:

  • London’s Museums and Galleries: This course is heavily based on experiential learning with visits to world-famous museums and galleries, as well as lesser known museums. Explore concepts like the role of philanthropy in establishing museums, debates around repatriation of objects, public funding for the arts, different curating styles and the marketing of the arts.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe: History and Performance: Taught on-site at Shakespeare’s Globe theater, this 3-week intensive course will explore the material and cultural contexts of Shakespeare’s works as well as the history of both the original and the reconstructed Globe Theatres.
  • Fashion Editorial Makeup: Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practical workshops, you’ll study the history and role of makeup and learn about the skills makeup artists need.

📚  Business

Business, economics, finance and marketing courses available in London include:

  • An Introduction to Consumer Neuromarketing: An emerging cross-disciplinary field, neuromarketing how consumers’ brains respond to marketing and shopping experiences. Learn how neuromarketing can help businesses achieve a deeper understanding of their consumers and what drives them to buy.
  • Fashion Marketing and Communication: Examine the role of marketing in fashion business success! Learn about the marketing planning process, modern fashion communication, segmentation and the internal and external marketing environment. Discover how fashion has evolved from small dressmakers’ workshops serving the elite to the mainstream global market.

✨ P.S. Interested in studying fashion marketing in London, Paris, Milan and Florence? Check out our Fashion Marketing: Study & Travel Program!

📚  Communications

Communications, journalism, media and public relations courses available in London include:

  • British Media: Examine the evolution and content of British mass media. Analyze the plurality of the media, the function of the broadcasting media and the unique and threatened role of the BBC, and the role of social media in shaping and distributing news.
  • Fashion Public Relations: In this course, students gain an understanding of the role of PR in the fashion industry and explore media opportunities for PR. You will review written and visual information, news, press releases and the essential ingredients for a ‘press pack’ to inform your own ability to generate editorial coverage through servicing the media

📚  Computer Science

Courses in computer science offered in London include:

  • Statistics with R and RStudio: Topics range from basic descriptive statistics to more advanced topics including multivariate analysis, logistic regression and model optimization. Students are introduced to professional-standard plotting resources, basic programming functions in R, and the user-friendly RStudio interface.
  • Data Driven Web-Based Applications: Study the basic technical aspects of front-end and back-end dynamic website construction. Focus on developing skills using HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and SQL, as well as gaining an understanding of data flow and web data management.

📚  Education

Education courses offered in London include:

  • Comparative Education Systems: Gain a comparative perspective on the British education system and deepen your understanding of socio-cultural issues within international education. Through field trips and lectures, explore the evolution of the English education system, as well as contemporary issues such as the role of education in social mobility, social justice and issues of inclusion and exclusion.

✨ P.S. Want to learn about the education systems in Spain and Italy as well? Check out our Comparative Education Systems: Study & Travel program!

  • Psychology and Education: Explore some of the challenges faced in the classroom, including dyslexia, ADHD and the teaching of exceptionally gifted pupils, as well as role of the education psychologist. In addition to classroom lectures, field trips and speakers complement the course material.

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📚  Health Science

Health science courses available in London include:

  • Comparative Health Care: Through experiential site visits, analyze the evolution of the national health care system in the UK and the strengths and weaknesses of its single payer universal health care system. You’ll explore issues such as the sustainability of the NHS, funding issues and the role of social care and mental health wellbeing.

✨ P.S. Explore the health care systems of England, Spain and Italy with our Comparative Health Care: Study & Travel program!

  • Frontiers in Human Health: Gain an understanding of some of the world’s major health challenges and how research can be applied to understand them and improve diagnosis and treatment. Themes studied include anatomy and dissection, public health initiatives, omic technologies and public engagement.

📚  History and Geography

History and geography course options in London include:

  • London: 2000 Years of History: Journey through London’s Bronze Age beginnings and foundation by the Romans, onto the Plague, the Great Fire of London, Henry VIII (and his many wives), the Blitz, all the way to modern day London. Classroom learning is enhanced through fieldtrips around London!
  • The British Monarchy Throughout the Ages: Learn how the role of the British Monarchy has evolved throughout history. Through fieldtrips to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Hampton Court, students examine the life of the Royals from 1066 to the present day. Analyze depictions of various monarchs, concepts like the “Royal brand” and modern debated issues like constitutional reform.

📚  Land and Natural Sciences

Courses available in biology, ecology, environmental sciences and sustainability include:

  • London – Sustainable City?: Explore sustainability in Britain as a phenomenon beyond global green politics. Students will investigate issues including creating a green economy, investing in sustainable transportation systems, renewable power sources, flood defenses and dealing with waste. Analyze the legacy of urban initiatives such as the 2012 London Olympics, and housing projects such as Beddington Zero Emissions Developments (BedZED).
  • Climate Change and Sustainability In Practice: Explore issues surrounding climate change and sustainability, such as limits to grow, the role decisions making and governance of resource use in different economies.

📚  Political Science and International Relations

Courses available in political science and international relations include:

  • British Politics: Learn about the key institutions, parliamentary norms, electoral system and parties within British politics. Critically analyze modern British debates regarding Brexit, constitutional reform and immigration.
  • International Relations: Examine the workings and policy debates surrounding key organizations such as the European Union and the World Trade Organization. While focusing on Europe, the course addresses inequalities between nations and calls into question the sustainability of modern patterns of economic development.

📚  Pre-law and Criminal Justice

Pre-law, criminology and criminal justice courses offered in London include:

  • Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice: Applying both a sociological and scientific approach, the course will analyze types of crime and its control, examining corrections, courts and policing around the world, with special focus upon the U.K. and U.S. In addition to classroom learning, the history of crime in the U.K. is illustrated through relevant field trips in London.

✨ P.S. Want to learn about criminal justice and the history of the Mafia in Italy? Check out our Criminal Justice in Rome & London: Study & Travel Program!

  • Law, Lawyers and Social Justice: How can lawyers achieve social change? This course introduces students to social justice concepts and explores the lawyer-client relationship, as well as the role of charities and NGOs in advocating and campaigning on social welfare and human rights.

📚  Social Sciences

Courses available in gender studies, psychology, social sciences and sociology include:

  • LGBTQIA+ in Britain: Explore beyond binary definitions and question popular and problematic assumptions about sex, gender and identity in the U.K. today. From the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1967 to contemporary tensions between women’s rights and rights of transgender and non-binary people, this course covers the progress made in the U.K. as well as the issues that remain.

✨ P.S. Want to study abroad in London and Amsterdam? Check out our LGBTQIA+ Europe: Study & Travel Program!

📚  World Languages and Literature

English, creative writing and literature courses in London include:

  • Creative Writing: Study the approaches taken by various British novelist and short story writers – and then explore the very same areas in London that inspired their greatest works! In addition to exploring London’s writing scene, students will share new and revised writing with one another.
  • Utopias and Dystopias in 20th-Century Literature: Study some of the most controversial and celebrated utopian, anti-utopian and dystopian literature! Examine themes like the control and manipulation of language, as well religion, history and gender.

Find More Courses in London

Explore interesting courses in London and beyond using the AIFS course search feature. Search by location, term or academic field to find the perfect study abroad courses for you!

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