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What to Study Abroad in Florence, Italy: Featured Courses

What to Study Abroad in Florence, Italy: Featured Courses

It’s no secret that there are many reasons to study abroad in Florence, with its masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture and stunning sunsets along the Arno River. One lesser known reason to study abroad in Florence? AIFS offers students studying abroad a vast course selection! From studio arts to international relations, we have courses available to inspire just about every major.  

About Study Abroad in Florence

Spend a semester, academic year or summer studying abroad at the AIFS Global Education Center in Florence! Academic credit is awarded by Fairfield University. No prior Italian language study is required. All courses are taught in English, with the exception of Italian language courses. 

Areas of Study in Florence                                                                            

Art, art history, business, communications, fashion, history, international relations, Italian language, journalism, literature, marketing, photography, political science, psychology, sociology and more! 

Internship and volunteer opportunities are also available.  

View of Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

Featured Courses in Florence by Major

📚  The Arts

Studio art, art history, architecture and photography courses offered in Florence include: 

  • Street Photography: Learn how to use visual intelligence, skills and strategies to create meaningful images from everyday life in public places. Get inspired while analyzing the works of masters in this genre such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt and Robert Frank. Students will gain confidence approaching local subjects and photographing people on the streets.  
  • Italian Art: Selected Topics: This course includes field trips to museums, palaces and churches in Florence, Rome and Venice! Study the artistic techniques, styles, patronage and the political and religious contexts in which famous Italian artists worked. 

✨ P.S. Want to spend a summer or January term studying European art history while traveling to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lausanne, Venice, Florence and Rome? Check out our European Art & Culture: Study & Travel Programs! 

  • Advanced Painting: This course is intended for those who already have a good grasp of painting techniques and concepts*. Through outdoor painting in the most picturesque spots of Florence and studio work, students develop their personal style and expression while familiarizing with professional painting techniques and materials.  

*Painting courses are available at beginner and intermediate levels too! 

📚  Business

Interested in business, economics, entrepreneurship or marketing? Courses offered in Florence include: 

  • Marketing Today’s Fashion: This course introduces students to the principles of fashion marketing. Explore how the fashion industry faces challenges in the the global market, as well as how the industry is constantly evolving and seeking unconventional and innovative marketing tactics.  

✨ Did you know? You can spend a summer studying fashion marketing while traveling to London, Paris, Milan and Florence! Learn more about our Fashion Marketing: Study & Travel Program 

  • The Marketing of Wine in Italy: Gain a better understanding of wine from both a cultural and business perspective. The course equips students with theories and techniques needed to successfully market wine both locally and globally.  

✨ P.S. This course is also offered through our summer Wine Marketing Program! When taken through the Wine Marketing Program, the class begins in Pollenzo before traveling to Florence for the remainder of the program. 

📚  Communications and Media

Courses available in communications, journalism, media and public relations include: 

  • Fashion Communication: Explore the evolution of communication within the fashion industry, from the early iconic fashion magazines to fashion photography on social media. Analyze how fashion communication addresses topics such as sustainability, gender identity and the importance of fashion influencers as new key communicators. 
  • Social Media, Journalism and Public Relations: Analyze how writing techniques and social media are used in journalism and public relations to reach a mass audience. The course also examines ethical issues both journalists and PR professionals face. 

📚  History and Geography

Interested in history and geography? Florence course options include: 

  • A History of Epidemics from the Black Death to Contemporary Times: Critically engage with classical medical theories, sickness and epidemics in the media and in literature throughout history. Examine how contagion affected different countries and cultures, including the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the spread of cholera throughout Asia and Europe. Finally, you’ll critically analyze modern pandemics like COVID-19 and its global pandemic.  
  • The Medici: Masters of Florence: The House of Medici was a banking family and political dynasty known for being patrons of the arts. Study the full history of the Medici, from the humble beginnings of founder Giovanni di Bicci and his tyrant son Cosimo to the extraordinary life of Lorenzo the Magnificent. The course includes field trips to relevant palaces, churches, museums and galleries in Florence! 

📚  Political Science and International Relations

Students interested in political science and international relations can enjoy courses in Florence such as: 

  • European Union: Business and Institutions: Examine the factors and influences at work in the European market, the largest and most complex market in the world. Students will critically analyze numerous business regulations implemented due to political bargaining between EU countries over the decades with the goal of creating a single market.  

📚  Social Sciences

Courses available in sociology, psychology and religious studies include: 

  • Magic, Religion and Popular Beliefs: Analyze the role of magic, witchcraft and the supernatural in various religious and cultural contexts from ancient times to the present. Topics include comparing and contrasting Magic and Witchcraft, the role religion plays in the human experience, and modern pagan religions and beliefs.  
  • Soccer and Italian Identity: Explore the socio-cultural dynamics of the relationship between soccer and Italian society. The course includes field trips to matches at the local soccer stadium, where students gain experience interpreting the social dynamics of sporting events and adopt a comparative, cross-cultural perspective. 

📚  World Languages and Literature

Courses offered in English literature and Italian language include: 

  • Elementary Italian I – Advanced Italian: Students must take an online entrance test in order to register for any level higher than Elementary Italian I. 
  • Dante’s Journey: Explore Dante’s most influential writing, including La Vita Nuova and Divine Comedy. The course focuses on the poet’s philosophy and the events of his life, including his relationship with Florence.  

Find More Courses in Florence

Use our course search feature to find the best classes for your study abroad experience! You can refine your search by course subject area, country, city and/or term.  

Amazing courses in Florence, Italy with AIFS Study Abroad

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