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What to Consider When Choose a Day 1 CPT Program

What to Consider When Choose a Day 1 CPT Program

 Things That Must Be Understood About CPT For International Students?

Curricular Practical Training is important for International students so that they can become more efficient in their professional life. CPT students need to be enroll in any full-time degree or course. The college must be based in the USA, and the candidate must be proficient in English. CPT is beneficial for developing the student’s professional mindset. Along with academics, the CPT students get to learn the scope of their degree in the US job market. The CPT students in USA can opt for internships and volunteering, paid or unpaid work.

CPT has to be done during the graduation while OPT can be done either at the pre-completion or post-completion of their graduation. CPT has to be done in their major only, while OPT can be done in the field of their Major or any related field.

Is CPT Legal? Know CPT Better

F1 visa holders are entitled to work under OPT and CPT, while they are enrolled in any college or university based in the USA. Generally, students get 60 days to apply for CPT and search for suitable opportunities in CPT. But have you ever heard of Day 1 CPT, it is when the academic program of any candidate, requires Practical training from day 1 of the program.

CPT can only start after the student has completed the first year of their degree program. The students have to contact the Designated School Officers for authorization regarding CPT. The college or university in which a student is enrolled must be registered under SEVP. CPT students can work in CPT jobs for 20 hours per week. Students can also work more than 20 hours in full-time CPT.

Day 1 CPT is completely legal, the educational institutions, must comply with the United States Immigration Citizenship Services USICS. F1 visa holders are legally authorize to work in CPT and OPT. They can work part-time and full-time, for one or many recruiters. The employment can be paid or unpaid as per there. Students must have a valid F1 visa category. In which the students must be enroll in a full-time course or degree.

The resume of the CPT student must precisely match the job description submitted by the recruiter. After getting valid authorization from DSO and USICS, the students can find suitable employment opportunities related to their major. During full-time a CPT student can work for 40 hours per week. Another requirement for the students during their CPT is that they have to maintain a GPA above or at 3.0.

How Is CPT Beneficial For International Students?

Day 1 CPT can be beneficial for international students in various ways.

  1. Students who are looking for employment opportunities in the US job market while they are enroll in any academic degree.
  2. Students who want a professional career in the US job market. Can gain relevant experience by working during CPT with global competitors.
  3. Many top-notch companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Meta, are some of the renowned companies that hire freshers CPT students at entry-level positions.
  4. Various job roles are offer, in etch and non-etch industries.
  5. Internships and ether terms of employment make the CV of the students influential. And they get more and more job offers.
  6. CPT students in USA must contact their DSOs about the renewal policy of F1 visa status.

Who Is Eligible For Day 1 CPT Eligibility

The students need to maintain a status of F1 to get visa renewal. The students who work under CPT are most likely to get H1B visa sponsorships. Although it is our recommendation to the CPT students that they must choose Day 1 CPT colleges wisely. They can take an expert’s advice, and OPTnation has a team of professionals that can guide the students through it.

CPT jobs in USA are easily available for students who have educational qualifications and professional experience which is relevant to their job.

  1. CPT students must have a valid F1 visa status.
  2. They must be enroll in a full-time academic program.
  3. The CPT students must already have a valid job offer, after that, they can apply for a suitable CPT job.
  4. The CPT students must apply for jobs in the field of their major.
  5. CPT students must get their CPT application approve by their respective Designate School Officers DSO.
  6. Another requirement for the students during their CPT is that they have to maintain a GPA above or at 3.0.
  7. CPT students can work part-time for 20 hours per week, they can work for 40 hours for full-time.

How to avoid problems of using Day 1 CPT

  1. CPT students are usually reject because of using the rare Day 1 CPT. So the CPT students must avoid instances where there might be a violation of their CPT status. If there’s a violation, of day 1 CPT the students might face problems regarding H1B visa sponsorship.
  2. If a CPT student is applying for F1 visa renewal they might face issues, because there are guidelines regarding the tenure of CPT. The part-time CPT is 20 hours and full-time is 40 hours per week. If a student opts for day 1 CPT, they generally cross the bar of 12 months of working duration. The students have to apply for renewal of visa status, from outside of the USA.

What Type Of CPT Program Is Suitable For International Students

CPT student should choose their employment as per their academics. Their career development must align with the degree or specialization. The term of employment must be relevant to the professional experience, as the CPT students are entitle to work only in their field of Major.

CPT students who are from STEM backgrounds get 3 years of OPT, otherwise, non-STEM students get 12 months to work and stay in the USA.

How To Apply For CPT Know The Process

  • CPT students must first get a job offer.
  • Students must find a course in which the students can work for CPT. The CPT students must be entitle to work in their educational field. If a student wants to get register for Day 1 CPT. The students must get their documents and EAD before getting a valid job offer.
  • Students must get their documents and EAD, and it must be approve by the DSO and The student must abide by the guidelines declared by the USICS regarding immigration law. I-20 must be apply by the students if they want to work for CPT in the USA.
  • While applying for renewal CPT students must understand the guidelines and must abide by the immigration laws. CPT students must apply for renewal within the time frame, if they fail to file it they might lose their working authorization.

FAQ Questions:

1. What is Day 1 CPT?

University programs that allow students to employ CPT and balance work with their studies beginning on the first day of their program are referrer to as Day 1 CPT programs. These programs must adhere to specified standards. The student’s employment must be associate with their course of study. The approved curriculum of the institution includes an internship or work experience as a mandatory component. The SEVIS CPT must get approval and authorization from the Designated Schools Official (DSO), and According to university rules, students must complete a full course of study, which may be six to nine graduate credits.

2. What is the application process for Day 1 CPT?

Students often need to fill out and submit to the institution a cooperation agreement that has been approve by their company in order to apply. Additionally, students must submit a work description outlining their position within the company or internship, Make sure their program permits the usage of CPT by working with their DSO (designated school official).

3. What are the requirements to qualify for Day 1 CPT?

Make sure the university’s program is designed such that internships and jobs count towards the degree Make sure your internship or work is connected to the program Make sure your company and the institution have a formal agreement. Your CPT must be approved by the university DSO. And information about it must be included on your I-20 form and you must renew CPT on a term-by-term basis or at least once a year.

4. Do I have to take an extra course to qualify for CPT Visa?

This is dependent on how each university program is set up. Some programs do mandate that students take an additional course each semester in addition to their CPT course. Some programs demand some sort of job experience for the duration of the program. According to the rules, CPT may be:

  1. A prerequisite for conferring the degree.
  2. A compulsory or optional course credit.

5. What type of student should utilize Day 1 CPT?

Students seeking to use their academic studies in a professional or internship setting. The ability to demonstrate work experience in addition to your educational background has many advantages. Additionally, CPT enables students to begin working before they receive their degree. After graduation, there is only a brief (60-day) window in which OPT may be use.

6. How long is my CPT good for?

Depending on your university, this may likely be suitable for the entire term or semester. At least once a year CPT must be renew, and at many campuses, it are refreshes each semester.

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