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What Is a Quality Analyst (QA)? Skill Set and Responsibilities

What Is a Quality Analyst (QA)? Skill Set and Responsibilities

Quality assurance analysts are referred to as QA analysts. To determine whether the product meets standards and requirements, Quality analyst jobs are to test the product’s quality. They are in charge of evaluating a product’s quality. In the IT industry, where product quality is more important than the actual product, it is, however, the most necessary position. The person whose job it is to test the software to meet the organization’s business and individual needs are known as quality assurance analysts. People who want to work in this industry should be very interested in technology and software development. We will cover every aspect of the work of a quality analyst in this article, including their duties, responsibilities, abilities, and many other things.

Who is a QA Analyst?

Programming languages, software development tools, software testing tools, and troubleshooting are all skills that a QA analyst should possess. To determine whether the product meets the needed quality standards, Quality analyst jobs require you to test it using various software testing techniques. QA analysts are not just necessary for software development; they are also needed for the creation of any kind of product or item, including websites. Before being released to the public or given to a client, every product or piece of software must undergo testing to guarantee that it meets quality requirements. QA analysts are experts who evaluate the functionality of the software product and search for any flaws or problems. To ensure that the finished product satisfies the required requirements for quality, QA analysts are in charge of the testing phase of the development of any software product.

Job Description

Analysts for quality assurance are sometimes known as test analysts. They are necessary to test the software for flaws and quality control. Test plans are used by QA analysts to examine and ensure that the software application’s code is error-free. A quality analyst’s role is to test the software’s functionality and technical elements, which are crucial components of a high-quality product. They notify the developer’s team of any faults they find and work closely with them to deliver a complete, high-quality product. They should be proficient in both programming and problem-solving. To deliver the appropriate level of product quality, a quality analyst’s skills should be well-versed in quality standards. QA analysts are responsible for detecting software flaws and other product issues. To test the product, they must employ a variety of testing instruments.

Roles and Responsibilities

They are essential to any firm there are some important quality analyst roles and responsibilities they need to take care of. As is common knowledge, a company’s ability to succeed depends on the quality of the goods or services they offer. And QA analysts are in charge of testing the product’s quality and reporting on it to make sure it satisfies the intended quality standards. Professional QA analysts must do a variety of tasks for a business. They may also work in customer service, manufacturing for the company, or software development. Software development and product quality testing are skills quality analyst jobs require. The following are the duties that QA analysts must perform: 

  • The quality of the software product is tested by QA analysts.
  • They are in charge of creating and carrying out plans for testing the products.
  • Locating and fixing flaws in any software program.
  • Generating reports on the product’s quality and the necessary adjustments to attain the target quality.
  • The techniques for the quality control of the items must be identified by QA analysts.
  • If there are any product adjustments required, swiftly monitor product reviews and notify the development teams.

QA Analyst salary trends in India and the US

Salary and market demand can influence the worth of any position. However, a QA analyst is a professional position and crucial to any product’s success. This section will compare the average pay of QA analysts in India and the US based on a variety of variables, including the company, the analyst’s experience, and the analyst’s skill set. In India, QA analysts make an average of 386,219 rupees ($38,320) a year, compared to $58,320 in the US.  

Pay: Depending on the company

We will delve deeper into the typical pay for QA analysts based in India and the US in this section.

In India, the average wage for a QA analyst is:

  • Amazon.com Inc.: Rs. 435,852 /year
  • Concentrix Corporation: Rs. 375,656 /year
  • Teleperformance: Rs. 275,844/year
  • Accenture: Rs. 380,000 /year
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited: Rs. 454,910 /year
  • Thoughtworks, Inc.: Rs. 900,00 /year
  • Intelenet Global Services: Rs. 276,000 /year
  • Wipro: Rs. 401,000 /year
  • Cognizant: Rs. 486,000 /year
  • HCL Technologies Ltd.: Rs. 370,000 /year
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp: Rs. 460,000 /year
  • Deloitte: Rs. 575,000 /year

The average QA analyst salary in the US is:

  • $79,274 annually Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • $50,980 yearly for UnitedHealth Group
  • Aetna Inc: $38,620 annually
  • $66,000 per year for Wellcare Health Plans, Inc.
  • $40,445 per year for Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.

Salary depending on experience

In this part, we’ll examine the average pay for QA analysts in India and the US based on their level of expertise. Entry-level, early career, mid-career, and experienced are the four levels of experience available in this position.

In India, the average wage for a QA analyst is:

  • Entry-Level: Rs. 272,193/year
  • Early Career: Rs. 357,119/year
  • Mid-Career: Rs. 490,679/year
  • Experienced: Rs. 505,194/year

The average QA analyst salary in the US is:

  • Entry-Level: $51,220/year
  • Early Career: $55,791/year
  • Mid-Career: $61,131/year
  • Experienced: $65,168/year
  • Late-Career: $67,632/year

Salary: Based on Skills:

A QA analyst will earn more money in his profession the more talents he possesses. As a result, talents play a crucial role in setting pay. Here, we’ll look at the typical pay for QA analysts in India and the US based on their skill sets.

Indian skill-based average salary:

  • Quality Improvement/QA: Rs. 512,140/year
  • Data Analysis: Rs. 491,425/year
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control: Rs. 544,961/year
  • Microsoft Excel: Rs. 589,581/year
  • Regression Testing: Rs. 1,012,346/year

According to skills, the US average salary is:

  • QA/Quality Assurance: $72,293 year
  • Data analysis: $65k annually
  • Quality Control/Assurance: $64,573 annually
  • $63,671 per year for Microsoft Excel
  • Office 365: $74,558 annually

Qualifications needed to become a QA Analyst

 Technical and analytical abilities are equally necessary for QA analysts. In addition to these, they should possess the following abilities:

  • Understanding of how to use software testing tools
  • Excellent coding abilities are required. 
  • QA analysts should have strong analytical and mathematical skills.
  • They must possess advanced technical abilities.
  • QA analysts should be capable of solving issues.
  • Report-writing abilities
  • Strong writing and communication abilities
  • QA analysts should be imaginative thinkers.
  • Strong SQL query abilities
  • QA analysts need experience in project management.


One of the many opportunities in the software sector is working as a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst. One of the most crucial choices a person takes in his or her life is choosing a career. According to industry experts, you need to have a critical attitude to study the problem and find a quick solution if you want to become a Senior Quality Assurance analyst. You should work on improving your talents to meet challenging obstacles in the current environment. You can participate in a variety of industry-designed certification programs to learn new skills and update your existing ones. 

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