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Should one live with their parents after growing up or move out of one’s parents house to stay by themselves? This is a debate that a Twitter user’s post has sparked. Taking to the micro-blogging platform Twitter user Shubh asked if it is important to move out of parents’ house to grow “without restrictions”. Others poured in their reactions. While some shared that it is important, others disagreed.

What are your thoughts on the tweet? Should grown up kids move out of parents' house in their early 20s? (Representational image). (Unsplash/@joshfreake)
What are your thoughts on the tweet? Should grown up kids move out of parents’ house in their early 20s? (Representational image). (Unsplash/@joshfreake)

“How many of you agree to this opinion that you should move out from your parents’ house in your early 20s if you want to grow without restriction???” Shubh wrote.

Take a look at the post:

The post was shared on May 8. Since being posted, it has received close to 1.2 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also received more than 2,100 likes. People posted different comments.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted:

“Nope,” shared a Twitter user. “I’m living away from my parents and trust me guys. This is not great. Life is not a Karan Johar movie,” shared another. “Moving out at 18 for university. Hoping this new life where i will be living on my own will make me a much better person,” expressed a third. “Agreed,” commented a fourth. “It varies from person to person,” wrote a fifth.


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