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Turbulent showdown at Chicago terminal, wild brawl video goes viral | Trending

Turbulent showdown at Chicago terminal, wild brawl video goes viral | Trending

Prepare for takeoff, because fists were flying in a turbulent showdown at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport that led to a pair of arrests. A melee of epic proportions broke out this week, the spectacle of which has been going viral on Twitter.

Video of wild brawl over baggage claim at Chicago's O'Hare airport goes viral
Video of wild brawl over baggage claim at Chicago’s O’Hare airport goes viral

Witnesses on the scene caught footage of at least a half dozen pugilistic passengers tossing punches near the baggage claim in terminal 3. As the Chicago Police Department reported to Fox News Digital, “A verbal tiff that started in-flight really took off upon landing, with a 24-year-old woman finding herself on the receiving end of a two-pronged attack.”

In the midst of the fisticuffs, two women were spotted on the ground, locked in a hair-raising struggle that would make any professional wrestler blush. After finally disentangling themselves, one woman found herself on the receiving end of a surprise attack from behind, courtesy of another female combatant wielding a mystery weapon.

A knight in shining armor then charged the female assailant, sending her sprawling. Onlookers were caught in the crossfire, with one yelling, “Hey, hey, bro!” as another man threw a punch at the fallen woman’s head.

The spark that ignited this airport brawl remains as murky as a foggy runway, with bystanders caught asking the burning questions: “Where’s security?” and “Stop!”

The airport rumble ended with two locals, Christopher Hampton, 18, of Maywood, Illinois, and Tembra Hicks, 20, of Carol Stream, Illinois, being cuffed by the police. Both are now facing one count of misdemeanor battery.

The Chicago Department of Aviation, trying to smooth over this turbulent incident, reassured the public that “Safety and security are always cruising at a high altitude for us. We’re in constant communication with our federal partners and the Chicago Police Department to ensure a safe flight for everyone in our facilities.”

Earlier this month, a supposedly pregnant woman allegedly unleashed a spirited attack on a Spirit Airlines employee at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Que Maria Scott, 29, was charged with disorderly conduct following the outburst, which reportedly occurred after she had one too many drinks and was denied boarding.

So, fasten your seatbelts, folks. It seems like there may be a bit of turbulence ahead.

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