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Tourists in Spain Now Face €200 Fines for Cycling with Earphones

Tourists in Spain Now Face €200 Fines for Cycling with Earphones

Travellers spending their holidays in Spain risk being subject to fines of more than €200 (£174) if they cycle while wearing earphones, authorities in this country have warned.

In this regard, the team leader at Cycle SOS, Lena Farnell, has said that the current Spanish law, updated in 2014, notes that persons cannot cycle whilst listening to music through earbuds or headphones, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“Cyclists who are caught wearing earphones can expect to pay a €200 (£174) fine in Spain,” she stressed, according to the Sun report.

Farnell stressed that the laws are kept in place for safety purposes after it prevents riders from hearing other sounds on the road.

“Wearing earphones whilst cycling could present a safety risk to yourself and other road users. Listening to music compromises a cyclist’s ability to listen to road traffic, including the sirens of emergency vehicles,” the team leader at Cycle SOS pointed out in this regard.

She noted that they might be less aware of warning signals, such as vehicles using their horns and pedestrians shouting.

Farnell noted that not wearing earphones permits cyclists to be more aware of their surroundings, thus helping them to cycle in a safer way, which will minimize the number of road traffic accidents.

In Italy as well as Portugal, citizens are obliged to have at least one earphone out while cycling.

“Italy and Portugal take a different stance, requiring that cyclists wear just one earphone whilst cycling, with a penalty of approximately €160 if you’re wearing both earphones whilst cycling in Italy,” Farnell pointed out.

Tourists from other countries will be subject to several strict measures when planning to travel to one of the most famous countries in Europe for passengers.

In addition, the local government in the Costa de Sol has warned all the holidaymakers that walking about naked or just in underwear is prohibited.

Authorities in Spain previously revealed that a total of 28 beaches in Spain imposed a smoking ban in an effort to improve health and become smoke-free zones.

A report from Daily Record noted that 28 beaches across Majorca, Ibiza, as well as Menorca, will operate as free-smoking areas as part of efforts to tackle the problem of cigarette butts in the sea and send.

Authorities in Barcelona took similar measures last year, with passengers risking being fined if they smoke cigarettes in territories in which the rule is effective.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Health and Consumption noted that the main purpose of the recent changes was introduced to create a network of healthy beaches.

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