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Telus now has a 150GB plan that costs $105/mo

Telus now has a 150GB plan that costs 5/mo

Telus has rolled out several plan changes ahead of the long weekend.

The Vancouver-based company upped the data for its $85/month plan from 50GB to 75GB. This plan is only available to users who bring their own devices.

The $90/month plan now has 100GB of data over the previous 75GB.

The Canada-U.S. plan now costs $105/month and has 150GB of data. It previously had 100GB of data and cost $110/month

While all of these plans feature unlimited data, the allocated data is associated with internet speeds up to 1Gbps. After users reach the specified limit, they can access data at reduced speeds.

Telus’s available plans on May 19th. Image credit: Telus

Telus has dropped its $100/100GB option from its website.

The plan changes follow a bundled offer Telus recently released for 50GB of data for $55/month.

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