Armenia is a nation, and former Soviet republic, in the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. Among the earliest Christian civilizations, it’s defined by religious sites including the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni and 4th-century Etchmiadzin Cathedral, headquarters of the Armenian Church. Khor Virap Monastery is a pilgrimage site near Mount Ararat, a dormant volcano just across the border in Turkey. It is one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the greater Middle East. Armenia is known for its beautiful landscapes, its cuisine, culture and history. Since Armenia was the first country to officially adopt Christianity, you can find some of the world’s oldest churches and monasteries located in the extremely beautiful natural settings.
Armenia is one of the safest countries in the world with very low crime level. Especially in summer, you can find a lot of locals and tourists walking on the street till midnight. The locals are quick to help you if you seem to be confused or lost. It is also comforting to know that there are uniformed police officers almost everywhere.

1: Armenia is an ancient country

2: First country to adopt Christianity

3: Armenia has its own alphabet

4: Armenia is home to the world’s oldest winery

5: Armenia has a record-breaking cable car

6: Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world

7: UNESCO World Heritage List

The higher education in Armenia is offered by different types of institutions: universities, institutes, academies and conservatories. Armenia has both state and private higher education institutions. Choosing one of the best universities in Armenia to study for a degree program is one of the best decisions you will ever make. These schools will serve as a great beginning for your career path and also give you the right connection you need to excel in your discipline. Universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools in the country have met the set standards of formal education with high-standards and well-known in the academic circle.

Armenia is an admirable place for those who are seeking high-quality education abroad at a reasonable price. International students are interested in acquiring a certificate in Armenia for a variety of reasons.

The people here are advanced, multicultural, and open-minded nationals. Residents of Armenia are family-oriented and always feel proud in offering the best experience of hospitality to the international tourists, visitors, and students pursuing varied courses from the top medical universities in the country.

The country has witnessed a remarkable development in the field of education, especially in the area of medicine. The growth percentage of teaching in the country particularly in the medical field is astounding.

Degrees awarded by the Armenian universities are internationally recognized. Students who have completed them are successfully practicing their careers in various destinations around the world. There are only a few steps you have to follow to book your vacancy here; apply online with RocApply for free!! We recognize that when it comes time to choose a destination for learning, you have so much in the box, let’s help.

Education has always played an essential role for the people here. Throughout history, and today, it remains one of the most significant values of the Asians. We welcome you to join thousands of international students expanding their horizons, honing their skills, and experiencing the rich cultural heritage of this country.

Study with world-class lecturers, musicians, scientists, and educational patrons. We will help you gain the important necessary to enter the job field or continue your education at even higher levels.

Many Universities in Armenia are affiliated with European and Russian Universities. Armenian Universities offer the following Programmed to study in Armenia.

MBBS | MD BBA | MBA All Engineering IT Tourism & Hotel Management

Languages - German . Russian . French . Italian. Persian . English and many more European Languages .


Payments : Students need to make Payment of US $ 800 in India ( which is our consultancy fees and Visa invitation ) , and Carry Cash US $ 1500 to $ 2000, pay directly at the University in Armenia.

Consultancy Fees :  US $ 500 (INR)  ( Pay – Paypal / Phone Pay / Google Pay )

Visa / Invitation cost :  US $ 300 (INR)  ( Pay – Paypal / Phone Pay / Google Pay )

What will be the next after completions of the course : After completions of one year course, student will complete B2 Level German language. Students can apply for jobs in Germany and any other German speaking countries. Or students may study further in Armenia or any European countries.
We are working with various Job and immigration consultants in Germany & EU countries ,We assist students to work , study and settle in Germany.

Study German Language in Armenia- Learn German and Work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

You will Study German Language in Armenia. Know more about Armenia, Universities in Armenia , German Language Course in Armenia, Admission Procedures, Course Durations, what is next after completions of  your course in Armenia ,Course Fees, Consultancy fees,  Visa & Visa fees, Payment , travel, Airlines, Hostel and private accommodation.

Who can Join this course ?

Doctors , Nurses , Caregivers All Engineers , Telecom Engineers, IT Professionals, Hospitality & Tourism Professionals, Retail ,Technicians and skilled Workers for construction, Engineering , Electrical , Mechanical & Automobile Industries .

Learn German- Study in Armenia

Here, you’ll discover the benefits, scope, career, and job possibilities associated with learning the German language in Armenia. There are plenty of excellent benefits of learning languages. Of all the advantages, the career, higher studies in the German-speaking region, immigration, and pursuit of the long-forgotten hobby are motivations. German (Deutsch) is the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe. Germany is not the only country where it is spoken. It is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and Luxembourg. There are sizable German-speaking populations in North Italy (South Tyrol), Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Namibia, Russia, Romania, the Czech Republic, and other parts of Europe. It is spoken by over 100 million native speakers and a total of 185 million speakers worldwide.

Benefit to learn German Language in Armenia.

  • Most widely spoken native language in Europe.
  • Job opportunities worldwide.
  • Career Scope of German in India
  • Study / Work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland & other German Speaking countries.
  • German language is important for Hotel, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry.
  • Germany – The World of Literature, Music, Movie, Art, and Philosophy.
  • Strong German presence on the Internet.
  • German is Not so difficult . Complete B2 Level in 12 month.
  • You Can study University in Germany for $0.00 – No tuition fees in Germany.
  • German is Easy for English Speakers to Learn.
  • German is the Most Spoken Native Language in the European Union.
  • Germany has the Biggest Economy in Europe.
  • Berlin is a Hotspot For Startups and Innovation.
  • German is a Key Language for Science Nerds.
  • You must complete B2 Level German language to work in Germany.
  • Study, Work and Live in Germany – Learn German Language.

Job Opportunities Worldwide

Career is one of the most important motivators for foreign language learning. It is Europe’s largest economy, fourth-largest by nominal GDP globally, the world’s second-largest exporter, which makes it an essential language to study. They are world leaders in engineering. Fluency in the German language has opened up job possibilities in medicine and healthcare, education, logistics, automobile, power and utility, mass media, entertainment, tourism, information technology, financial services, outsourcing, etc. Germany powerhouses like BMW, Volkswagen, Bosch, Daimler, Adidas, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, SAP, BASF, and Lufthansa are all established around the world. Having German language skills on your CV can help your career in many of these International corporations.

Career Scope of German in India

  • Several international companies that have set up their businesses in India are looking for fluent in the German language.
  • It increases your job opportunities with German and foreign companies in India and abroad. 
  • Professional German Translators, Interpreters, proofreaders, and content writers, and trainers are always in demand.
  • One can also look forward to jobs in the German embassy in New Delhi and the consulate in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. The scope of the German language is on rising.
  • Many MNCs such as Amazon, Accenture, BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen, HP, Audi, Oracle, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Thomson, Axa, GE, etc., are employing German language experts for outsourcing and offshore work.
  • Germany’s economic strength equals business opportunities.
  • Suppose your organization is doing business with German companies or partners or trying to expand its footprints in Europe, well. In that case, it will help you establish effective communication with them and success in the end. Plus, it would undoubtedly improve your business relations.

  • Germany is the land of ideas and innovations.
  • The country offers various courses spread across multiple bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral programs.
  • Employers around the world respect their degrees.
  • Germany’s universities have an excellent international reputation and among the best in the world.
  • You will earn an internationally renowned degree, giving you excellent prospects in the global job market.
  • Since the states fund higher education in the country; Hence, the vast majority of Germany’s academic institutions are free for students, even international students.
  • DAAD: Designed to promote international academic exchange, offers lots of scholarship and funding opportunities.
  • No wonder students, scholars, and researchers are flocking there. There are lots of research opportunities while you are studying in Germany.
  • The education system supports the research and emphasizes more practical knowledge compared to the theoretical one.
  • While it is not compulsory, If you are applying for a course taught in English.
  • However, at least a basic level, speaking is always an advantage if you wish to gel with the people around you.
  • It will help you find part-time jobs or internships or plan to seek employment in Germany after your studies.
  • The employment prospects in Germany have remained healthy compared to many other European nations like England, France, Italy, to name a few.
  • If you plan to visit Austria, Switzerland, or other German-speaking regions in Europe, German competency will be hugely beneficial.
  • Many Indians visit these countries for job opportunities as well as for higher studies.
  • Germany is a pioneer in the field of the automobile and engineering sector.
  • Thus, the engineers with a degree from Germany have a lucrative and bright future job opening anywhere.
  • Special visas are offered to skilled workers and professionals.

German in Hotel, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry.

  • Thanks to the robust economic growth and low unemployment, Germans make good money and are entitled to 6 weeks of vacation a year.
  • No surprise, they are the world’s most significant spenders tourist dollars in the world.
  • They are everywhere and travel all over the world – Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
  • Wherever you go in Europe, North America, and other parts of the world, you are sure to encounter Germans speakers.
  • Millions of German-speaking visit India every year for sightseeing but aren’t fluent in English.
  • Fluency in this west Germanic language increases the career scope in the hospitality, travel, leisure, and tourism sector.
  • Suppose travel agencies, tour companies, tour guides, hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies can communicate with them. In that case, their language will win their business.
  • While one can visit Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other Central and Eastern European countries without speaking a word in German.
  • Knowing the language makes travel more meaningful for everyone involved.
  • By speaking the language, you will enjoy the fullest and earn their appreciation and open the door to a genuine interaction and connection.

Work in Germany: High Demand Jobs in 2022 - 2030.

Germany always was known as a great place to work. Yet, not all people have the same chances of getting a job in this country. We know, that being a foreign national can make our life harder, especially when it comes to getting a job and building the career. However, the German economy is one of the strongest in the world, and there is always a need for qualified labor.

High Demand Jobs in Germany in 2022:

  • IT Specialists
  • IT Consultants/Analysts
  • Data Scientists/Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Mechanical and Vehicle Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Mathematicians
  • Nurses and Senior Care Workers
  • Metal Workers
  • Electronics Technicians or Electricians 
  • Mechatronics
  • Sellers in Retail

Currently, Germany has more than 470,000 open vacancies in 30 professional groups alone. In this post, we analyze jobs with high demand in Germany. These occupations give great career opportunities not only to locals but also to foreigners and expats.

What Jobs Are Most In-Demand in Germany Right Now?

  • Germany has a big gap in specialists for so-called STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).
  • The demand has increased to 338,000 specialists, 42,000 more than a year ago. Only 15% of all STEM experts in Germany are women. 
  • These experts are especially important for the German economy since they work in leading and innovative German industries and, therefore, generate a lot of added value.
  • That’s why Germany actively welcomes foreigners to work in STEM fields, the government has even lowered the minimum required salary for EU Blue Card to 44,304 EUR annually. 
  • And what is really good to know, is that every 5th employee in the STEM field comes from abroad, so ex-pats and foreigners have high chances of hiring. The German labor market doesn’t have enough local people to fulfill the demand

Jobs in Demand in Germany with High Degree

The German job market is divided into qualified labor and highly qualified labor, which means people with vocational training and people with high degree.

There are some academic occupations with a particularly high demand amount companies. However, the biggest part of free job positions on the market is reserved for skilled trade professionals (around 70%). 

Below you can see the most demanded specialists with a high degree in Germany.

IT Specialists

  • Specialists in the IT sector have been in demand for a long time. Accordingly to the survey, there are around 124,000 open jobs for IT professionals in Germany. In 2018 alone, around 42,000 new jobs were created in the IT sector.
  • The country has seen a 50% increase compared to the previous year. The shortage of IT experts has more than doubled in the past 3 years.
  • The demand also reflected can be seen in the salaries: IT consultants earn, according to, on average 75,200 EUR, and software developers get around 61,200 EUR.
  • Berlin, as a tech start-up hub, has the most offerings, where young professionals can find exciting and perspective jobs. Getting a job in a tech company in Germany is also quite easy without speaking German. 
  • This demand is relevant not only for programmers or software developers but also for computer scientists experts. All industries and businesses, whether automotive manufacturers or law firms need at least one tech-savvy person.
  • The job prospects for computer scientists could not be better: the career opportunities in this sector are growing year by year.
  • According to Career Builder, the professions currently demand software developers, network administrators, and IT managers.


  • Despite the many medical students in Germany, the country sees staff shortages among doctors, which automatically makes them one of the most sought-after professions ever.
  • Doctors are in short supply in Germany; they are officially part of the shortage list. Currently, over 2,000 positions for doctors couldn’t be covered.
  • Many small clinics and small cities/villages are struggling to attract new employees. 
  • Shortages exist in general practitioners, specialists, and in-hospital doctors. The prerequisite for this profession is usually a six-year medical degree which is recognized in Germany.
  • Doctors are one of the highest-paid positions in Germany, with an average salary between 65,000 EUR – 85,000 EUR depending on the specialization and experience.


Germany is a paradise for engineers, with extensive numbers of production companies, I feel like every second person is an engineer. Despite that, engineers fall into a list of shortage professions, which makes job search uncomplicated for foreigners.
Almost all majors of engineering are in high demand in Germany, particularly mechanical, automotive, and electrical.

The following fields in engineering are expected to have a high number of vacancies:

  • Structural engineering
  • Computer science engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Telecommunications

    Have we motivated you to move to Germany and get a job? Great! Don’t forget to refresh your German skills tho! Candidates who speak German to some extent always have better chances of getting a job

Mechanical and Vehicle Engineers

  • Due to the focus of the German industry, there is a big demand for mechanical engineers in the country. They can work in different areas where construction of technic is needed, for example, automotive, shipbuilding, and manufacturing industries.
  • Currently, Germany lacks around 5,000 skilled workers in this area and around the same number of engineers. A completed degree in mechanical engineering is a prerequisite for this job.
  • At the beginning of their career, mechanical engineers earn about 40,000 to 45,000 EUR gross.

Nurses and Senior Care Workers

  • Nurses have been in high demand in Germany already for many years, and senior care workers are even in greater demand. The German population is rapidly aging, and the country needs more and more workers from abroad to take care of the elderly.
  • Germany is expecting job growth from 50,000 to 60,000 open positions in the nearest future. The shortage of skilled workers in the care sector is growing rapidly.
  • Many hospitals and care facilities are already understaffed. Due to demographic change, the shortage will become even worse with the German aging society: according to the forecasts, around 500,000 full-time employees will be retired by 2030.
  • Nurses and caregivers aren’t the easiest jobs in the world, but you will have a good average income of 37,900 EUR as a nurse and 32,400 EUR as an elderly caregiver.
  • By 2025 country prognoses a shortage of 150,000 nurses and senior care workers. This promises you excellent career chances.
  • Nursing in Germany is mainly studied at vocational schools; universities only started offering this major in the last 10 years. Vocational training lasts 3 years and foreigners are welcomed to attend it. 

Nursing Jobs in Germany

Nursing jobs in Germany offer career stability and better professional growth. Germany has a shortage of experienced nurses, so the demand for well-qualified nurses is high here. If the job seeker has all the required documents and qualifications, then he can easily get a nursing job in the country.

If you are looking for nursing jobs in Germany, then it’s the right time for you. The country has started to implement new, more relaxing rules to invite more professional nurses to work. However, the process to apply for nursing jobs in Germany still has some complex requirements. Here we will discuss why you should look for nursing jobs in Germany and how can you get one.

You must be aware of the rules of demand and supply. If the demand gets higher and supply gets short, and the price of that particular service increases. Same is happening in Germany. The country has a shortage of nurses, so the hospitals are ready to offer a better salary to the nurses. Here, the nurses have job security, and Germany itself is a good country to live in. Right now, Germany is in 8th position in the Quality of life index 2021. As we already know that the demand for qualified nurses is higher in Germany, so the country has to take foreigners to work for its people. Timely promotion and career growth are the other important reasons to apply for nursing jobs in Germany.

Germany is a country known for its specialization programs. It offers more than 200 specialist programs in which any nurse can enroll and add one more qualification to his/her resume. If you are a qualified nurse already working in Germany, then you can enroll in the part-time educational program, and many times, your employer can pay for your education expenses. Moreover, the job application acceptance percentage is high for nurses that apply to work in Germany. For specialist healthcare staff, the job application acceptance ratio is more than 96%.

Sellers in Retail, Sales staff, Sales Assistants

  • In small shops, in big shops, supermarkets, everywhere, salespeople are in demand.
  • Consumers buy food, technical equipment, furniture, and other items all the time. Logically, retail will continue to exist in the coming years.
  • For this position, you will be required to know German at a good level, but often not many qualifications are needed sometimes you can receive training from the employer.
  • Unfortunately, salespeople in shops are one of the underpaid professions in Germany with an average income of between 1,500 – 2,200 EUR per month, or 18,000 and 26,400 EUR annually.

Hospitality Job in Germany

The economy growth is high in Germany. So this is a chance to make your career in doing a hospitality job in Germany. If you can learn the German language, then there is an open opportunity for hospitality jobs in Germany. When you talk about a job opportunity, then Germany is one of the top countries in terms of a high paying job. and this is the best place which looks for well. There is a reason to do hospitality jobs in Germany.

The unemployment rate is low in Germany, and it is near 3.5 percent at the same when you will compare to overall the unemployment rate is 7-8 in Europe. So it is clear that Germany has an excellent opportunity for a job and for a hospitality job in Germany it is the best decision to do a role in the most selected beauty full place. So new people are taking a good advantage and the opportunity too. Germany provides benefits to everyone related to the field. And there is an open opportunity for those who have a B2 level German language certificate. The best part of Germany is one of the best countries for a start up. Because as you know, Germany is one of the best countries in terms of employment.

If you are planning for a job in abroad, then think about Germany. Because it is an excellent place to do a job. and get a lot of chances to explore your self. as it is an advanced country and also developed because of that reason anyone wants to come here and to will to do a hospitality job in Germany. We are an Official Placement consultancy in Germany For providing HOSPITALITY jobs in Germany.

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