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Soil Sampling Program Commences at Parker Dome Lithium Project

Soil Sampling Program Commences at Parker Dome Lithium Project

The announcement was made during the Company’s Board of Directors’ visit to the region by Aldo Boitano, Chief Executive Officer of CTL, alongside Ercilia Araya Altamirano, Ancestral Authority of the Colla Pai-Ote community, and representatives from the Río Jorquera and Pastos Grandes communities.

The alliance will ensure that the extraction processes conducted in the region by the Company comply with the highest international standards, including a process of early consultation with the communities to see their direct participation by providing data for the environmental baselines required for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This agreement will acknowledge the ancestral settlements and use of the lands to develop a lithium industry grounded in sustainability principles.

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Image 1: Presenting the signed alliance between CleanTech Lithium and the local communities at CTL’s office in Copiapó. Left to right: Marcela Sepúlveda Community Relations Manager at CTL, Steve Kesler Executive Chairman at CTL, Christian Milla from the Pastos Grandes community, Ercilia Araya Altamirano from the Colla Pai-Ote community, Aldo Boitano CEO at CTL, and Roberto Carlos Salinas from the Río Jorquera community


· CleanTech Lithium and the local territorial communities have created the first-ever alliance in the region to co-design a mining project which will inform the proper development of the Company’s most advanced lithium projects in the Atacama Region, initially focusing on Laguna Verde.

· The communities will support the generation of the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and contribute to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), providing vital information for baseline measurements and assist the overall study concerning the human environment, flora, fauna, and other relevant aspects.

· CleanTech Lithium will contribute to the socio-economic development of the region and commits, as the Laguna Verde project develops, to continuously share information with local communities to establish a long-term trusting relationship.

· The agreement aligns with the priorities set by the Chilean Government to advance the objectives in the National Lithium Strategy and inform the Special Lithium Operation Contracts (CEOLs) having established an early dialogue, commitment, and support from local communities.

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Image 2: Ancestral leader, Ercilia Araya Altamirano, from the Colla Pai-Ote community

signs joint working alliance with CleanTech Lithium

Ercilia Araya Altamirano, Ancestral Authority of the Colla Pai-Ote community, said: “There is no precedent in the history of our territories where the door has been opened for us directly to participate in the design of a mining project to ensure it aligns with the ancestral inhabitants of the territory. This marks a historic milestone in our country, and we assume the responsibility to turn it into a new standard for lithium mining in the future.”

Aldo Boitano, Chief Executive Officer of CleanTech Lithium, added: “This is the first alliance founded in early consultation with local communities in lithium extraction in Chile. We are very proud to be working with the local communities and strengthening our relationships which will allow us to continue building a unique model that places people and the Planet at the center. This is how we aim to make a positive impact as CleanTech Lithium grows.”

“The alliance between CleanTech Lithium and the local communities represents a significant step forward in the co-design of our projects, providing data for our environmental baselines and the creation of long-term socio-economic benefits for the region in which we operate. This agreement demonstrates how seriously we take the agenda set in the Government’s National Lithium Strategy, proving that goals can be achieved and project development can be done in a more considerate way.”

Working Group, Timely Information, and Benefits

The alliance establishes a relationship between both parties to develop lithium projects in the Atacama Region, such as Laguna Verde, through the creation of a joint working group between CTL and the communities. This group will maintain a process of early and ongoing dialogue as the project enters the Environmental Evaluation System, which is part of the EIA.

It includes the exchange of information and proposals between the communities and CleanTech Lithium and maintaining a long-term relationship based on mutual respect, dialogue, and trust. Through this collaboration, the agreement seeks to identify and promote opportunities for local community development, as well as create conditions for cooperation and monitoring of socio-environmental issues associated with CTL’s projects.

Once the corresponding CEOLs for the Company’s projects are obtained, CleanTech Lithium has committed to contribute to the development to the territorial indigenous communities, through directly related and specific funds to finance projects related to their development.

Ercilia Araya Altamirano, Ancestral Authority of the Colla Pai-Ote community, concluded: “CleanTech Lithium has been the only company to approach us seeking an alliance for prior and early consultation and relationship with the territory, on a basis of respect. It is valuable because we are learning and understanding the realities of each sector and each project as they represent different ecosystems. They also have a new technology that has demonstrated how they will extract lithium. We discovered that it is modern, good, and may have less impact.”

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Image 3: Community Relations Manager at CTL, Marcela Sepúlveda, remarks on the alliance between the Company and the local communities. Local media and key local stakeholders were in attendance.

Image 4: CleanTech Lithium’s Board of Directors at the opening event to announce the local community alliance alongside Ercilia Araya Altamirano from the Colla Pai-Ote community

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