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Product Tanker Stuck Under Bridge In Kobe, Japan

Product Tanker Stuck Under Bridge In Kobe, Japan

A product tanker en route to Kobe, Japan, got stuck under one of the city’s bridges on 18th May, needing assistance from local tugs. Per reports, the weather was fine, and there was a ‘fresh breeze’ at the time of the incident. 

Video Credits: suntv-news (Hyogo, JPN)

The Kobe Office of the Japan Coat Guard mentioned that they would be investigating how the incident happened and its cause.

The 226-foot long tanker, called the Ace Hana, weighs 1787 DWT and is operated by Hana Marine, Korea. It is registered in Panama. The ship left Ulsan in South Korea and was coming to Kobe when it was stuck and could not move. 

Per weather reports, the wind blew at 20 mph, and the sea height was less than 2 ft in the harbour.

An eyewitness informed the reporter that they heard no loud noise or sound and only noticed the incident when they looked toward the ship.

The stern of the tanker was wedged against the Rokko Ohashi Bridge’s pillars, and the bow swung towards the harbour walls, making it impossible for the ship to navigate. 

When Kobe Coast Guard was informed, two tugs were sent to the scene, freed the tanker from the bridge after two hours. The tanker moved to a closeby wharf for inspections. Luckily, none of the 14 crew were injured, and there was no oil spill or pollution.

However, the ship suffered some damage, as did the bridge’s concrete pillars. But traffic on the bridge has not been suspended.

Reference: News2Sea

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