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Meta is building a new custom chip to run AI models

Meta is building a new custom chip to run AI models

Meta has officially announced that it’s currently working on the company’s first custom-made chip designed to run AI models.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that he sees “an opportunity to introduce AI agents to billions of people in ways that will be useful and meaningful.”

The news of a custom chip came along with new infrastructure plans that could be crucial for Meta to take a front-seat approach in leading the recent AI push.

The chip is known as ‘MTIA,’ which stands for Meta Training and Inference Accelerator. It is said to provide high levels of efficiency and compute power, more so than traditional CPUs. MTIA chips are also allegedly designed to work with Meta’s internal workloads, making them an asset to the company’s plans.

The combination of CPUs and MTIA chips is said to “deliver better performance, decreased latency, and greater efficiency for each workload,” according to Santosh Janardhan, the VP and head of infrastructure for Meta.

As big of a breakthrough as this could turn out to be for the company, it is still reportedly early in its development. The MTIA chip is not expected to debut until 2025, according to TechCrunch.

On the brighter side, Meta is introducing the ‘MSVP’ (or Meta Scalable Video Processor) to help with video transcoding. In a blog post, the tech giant stated that it would assist in AI-made content and AR- and VR-specific content for Meta’s apps in the future.

These new custom chips, along with the MSVP and even an in-progress AI-optimized next-generation data center design, are all pushing Meta to the front of the pack in the AI and AR supremacy race.

Meta has also recently rolled out new AI-focused tools for advertisers, showing commitment in its pursuit of growing the artificial intelligence space for all involved.

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Source: Meta Via: The Verge

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