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Meet Mike O’Hearn: A 54-year-old bodybuilder who became an internet darling | Trending

Meet Mike O’Hearn: A 54-year-old bodybuilder who became an internet darling | Trending

With over 1.8 billion views and counting, O’Hearn’s meme-worthy content has taken social media platforms by storm. It’s hard to escape the viral phenomenon as his clips continue to spread like wildfire. The formula is simple: a snippet of O’Hearn going about his business with Haddaway’s iconic song “What is Love” playing in the background. The punchline comes in the form of a hilariously dumb caption that plays off O’Hearn’s confident demeanor in the videos.

Move over, pets! Meet Mike O'Hearn, the internet's newest obsession. This bodybuilder's mundane videos have gone viral, and he's loving it!
Move over, pets! Meet Mike O’Hearn, the internet’s newest obsession. This bodybuilder’s mundane videos have gone viral, and he’s loving it!

This sudden surge in popularity has catapulted O’Hearn from being a well-known figure in the bodybuilding world to becoming a household name on TikTok and Instagram. Even governments and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself have joined in on the fun, creating their own versions of the O’Hearn meme. It’s safe to say that the internet has fallen head over heels for this unexpected viral sensation.

As for O’Hearn, he’s enjoying every moment of his newfound fame. While he remains unsure of how the memes took off, he finds them absolutely hilarious. In a Twitter video, he expressed his amusement at the situation, saying, “I don’t know where it started, but it has taken over.”

The numbers speak for themselves. O’Hearn’s TikTok account, which had a respectable 628,000 followers in April 2022, has skyrocketed to over 2.3 million followers as of March 2023. His videos, once struggling to reach the 100,000 view mark, now rack up millions of views with each post. Taking advantage of his viral status, O’Hearn even sells “Baby Don’t Hearn Me” t-shirts, capitalizing on the catchphrase associated with his meme.

While O’Hearn continues to post daily videos, he remains grounded in his fitness-focused content. In one video, he discussed fitness products and training regimens, only to be met with comments echoing the ever-present “Baby don’t hurt me” catchphrase. It seems that no matter what he does, the internet has its own plans for O’Hearn.

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