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Man dances without a care as dog continues biting his leg | Trending

Several dance videos capture our attention because of their entertainment value. However, this time, a dance video that is going viral, shows something which you might have never seen. In a clip shared by Instagram user Reinaldo Soares, you can see him dancing but as he is grooving, a dog bites his leg.

Dog bites man's leg as he dances.(Instagram/@Reinaldo Soares)
Dog bites man’s leg as he dances.(Instagram/@Reinaldo Soares)

The video begins to show Reinaldo Soares standing in a street and dancing to a song. As the video continues, you can see a dog that is biting his leg. However, Reinaldo Soares pays no attention to the pooch and continues with his performance.

This post was shared on March 21. Since being posted, it has gained more than one lakh likes. The video also has several comments.

An individual wrote, “That doggie is never gonna stop.” A second shared, “Clapping all the way to the hospital for his shots.” “Hahaha this is too much,” joked a third. A fourth added, “Why is that dog chomping on him like that?” What do you think about this video?

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