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Magician’s trick of making a lemon ‘fly’ divides people | Trending

Magician’s trick of making a lemon ‘fly’ divides people | Trending

From childhood to adulthood, magic is something that has always grabbed the attention of many people. We have seen magicians make playing cards disappear in thin air to bring out birds from their hats. Not only that, but we have also witnessed some of them reading our minds. Now, another magician has caught the interest of many by making a lemon ‘fly.’ Yes, you read that right.

Magician makes a lemon 'fly.'(Instagram/@Xavier Mortimer)
Magician makes a lemon ‘fly.'(Instagram/@Xavier Mortimer)

In a video shared by Xavier Mortimer, who claims to be a real-life wizard, you can see him make a lemon fly. Xavier Mortimer approaches a duo who were buying lemons from a grocery store. Then, he picks up one lemon, wraps it in a plastic bag, and makes it ‘fly’ around the room. In the post’s caption, he wrote, “Lemon comes to life.”

Watch the video below:

This post was shared on May 12. Since being posted, it has raked up more than 51 million views. The share has also received several likes and comments. Many people were stunned by this magic trick, while some others doubted that he actually made a lemon fly.

Check out a few comments below:

An individual wrote, “For goodness sake, how???????? Is the lemon fake? It would still be crazy.” A second added, “You were taught by Dumbledore.” “What in the physics is that,” shared a third. A fourth posted, “Miracle!!! I watched it a few times! Magic!!!”

Here’s what others said. An individual added, “How exactly was this optical illusion performed, or was there some sort of intervention?” Another wrote, “I think I got it, Invisible string being controlled from above. Pay attention to the little plastic bit just above the lemon and how it moves on its own.” A third shared, “Nah, that ain’t real!” “They’re all on it. That’s the magic fruit, not one of those on display, same with plastic bags. The fella behind the lady plays a crucial part. I say no more!” expressed a third.

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