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Long-Haul Travel on Path to Recovery Despite Major Challenges, Analysis Reveals

Long-Haul Travel on Path to Recovery Despite Major Challenges, Analysis Reveals

A recent analysis carried out by Mabrian has shown that long-haul travel is on the way to recovery despite major challenges.

The analysis of air connectivity, the data of which focuses on the markets of the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France for long-haul destinations from April 2023 to October 2023, has revealed that flight seat volumes are between seven per cent and 11 per cent below the 2019 levels.

Moreover, the analysis has shown that data for 2023 indicate a recovery compared to 2022 when the decrease in flight seat volumes was 30 per cent – 60 per cent compared to 2019, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“Long-haul travel is recovering! An analysis of air connectivity data from five key European markets shows that long-haul flights have recovered 7 per cent – 11 per cent compared to 2022 but still lag behind 2019 levels,” Mabrian wrote on its official Twitter account.

According to Mabrian, the long-haul capacity in the UK is seven per cent below the 2019 levels, with the recovery of long-haul not being uniform across all the country’s airports.

In the case of Germany, it has been disclosed that the country’s long-haul capacity is 11 per cent below the 2019 levels. Moreover, there is also a decrease in direct connections, with 24 per cent fewer long-haul countries connected.

In terms of new routes, Mabrian shows that direct flights from Germany are offered to destinations such as the Bahamas and Sri Lanka.

Similar to Germany, in Italy, the number of seats for long-haul flights is 11 per cent below the 2019 levels too, with new long-haul connections being observed from less common airports.

As for Spain, data revealed that long-haul connectivity from the country is eight per cent below the 2019 levels. While some routes, such as those to El Salvador and Angola, have emerged, the overall decrease in the number of countries is only three per cent. On the other hand, routes to Ethiopia, Japan, and South Africa have yet to be renewed.

Lastly, data for France shows that the country has an eight per cent reduction in long-haul connectivity. However, the French can now enjoy air connectivity to several exotic destinations such as Rwanda, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka without the need for stopovers.

Commenting on the data, Mabrian, Director of Marketing and Sales, Carlos Cendra, said that contextual factors must continue to be considered.

“Although the recovery of long-haul connections is showing a positive trend, we must consider the current contextual factors, in addition to demand, which may limit this type of route.

Cendra further said that the perception, as well as concern for conscious travel, might be a new factor holding back some routes.

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