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Lions team up to secure their meal, pull warthog from burrow | Trending

Lions team up to secure their meal, pull warthog from burrow | Trending

A video capturing the collaboration of three lions during a hunt is going viral on social media, sending shivers down viewers’ spines. The intense encounter took place at Thornybush Game Reserve in South Africa. Shared on Instagram, the terrifying footage shows the relentless efforts of three lions as they pull a warthog out of its burrow, ultimately devouring their hard-earned meal.

Lions pulling out a warthog from its burrow. (YouTube/@Latestsightings)
Lions pulling out a warthog from its burrow. (YouTube/@Latestsightings)

The video was shared on the YouTube channel Latest Sightings with the caption, “Lions play tug of war with warthog trying to escape.” The description of the video reads, “3 Lions use all of their strength to pull 1 warthog out of a hole in a termite mound. Tinged by Juan Pinto at Thornybush Game Reserve.”

The video opens to show three lions clawing through the mud to uncover a warthog hiding in its burrow. As the video progresses, they pull the warthog out onto the ground. Despite the warthog’s desperate attempt to escape, the lions, fueled by their hard-earned prize, grabbed hold of the animal and later killed it.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared on YouTube a few hours ago. It has since collected over 3.7 lakh views and over 1,100 likes. The share has also prompted many to leave their thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“Damn it’s tough being in the wild…you never know when it’s your time,” commented an individual. Another added, “That was not a play of tug of war that was life or death. Poor thing wants to live.” “Absolutely brutal, poor warthog,” expressed a third. A fourth commented, “That squeal said it all.”

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