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How to Build an Outbound Sales Process

How to Build an Outbound Sales Process

Here’s my step-by-step process for outbound sales.

Step 1: Choose a Demographic

Choosing a demographic is an essential first step in the outbound sales process.

You don’t want to scatter your efforts by targeting everyone; instead:

  • Focus on one industry.
  • Choose a company or revenue size.
  • Pick a geographical area.


  • Personal Injury Attorney’s
  • 10-25 Employees
  • Milwaukee, WI

This approach ensures that your outreach efforts are focused and effective.

Step 2: Curate a List

The next step in the process is to find those people!

Here are my favorite ways to curate a list of potential customers, including:

Utilizing LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator and use the filtering tool to target the demographic you laid out above.

Using lead generation software: I have used UpLead and like it. I think it’s filtering works well for finding your specific niche audience.

Old-fashioned Google searches: Search for your customers on Google, and use Find That Lead (Chrome Extension) to get their information.

Outsource on Upwork: I’ve done this with some success in the past. You’ll have to create a process first and then show a freelancer how to do it.

Shoot for the largest list possible. Ideally, you should have thousands of prospects.

Step 3: Outreach

The next step is to reach out.

Here’s where you’ll want to develop a cadence that you follow for each prospect.

Simple Example:

  1. Phone call & voicemail
  2. Email outreach
  3. Phone call & voicemail
  4. SMS text
  5. Follow up email
  6. Social Outreach
  7. Follow up email
  8. Phone call & voicemail
  9. SMS text
  10. Follow up email

Advanced Example:

  1. Connect on Linkedin & send an introduction message
  2. Engage with prospects’ content on LinkedIn
  3. Send personalized videos via LinkedIn messages
  4. Send personalized direct mail to your prospect
  5. In-person follow-up (with donuts)
  6. Phone call & voicemail
  7. Email Outreach
  8. Phone call & voicemail
  9. Custom SMS text (with GIF)
  10. Follow up email

A quick note on automation: Some of these processes can be automated with a CRM.

You can create a mail merge that lets you send automated emails and set up notifications for phone calls.

Step 4: Qualification

When you get a response from the prospect, the goal is to qualify them OR set a meeting to qualify them.

If you’re on the phone: Ask for five minutes of their time, qualify them, and set up a pitch meeting.

If you’re over email/other communication: Ask to setup an introductory (qualification) call.

Again, I use BANT.

Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline.


  • The goal of each outreach is to get to a qualification call.
  • Each qualification call aims to get to your pitch (more on that in another LFG).

Bonus: Create Several Value Adds

I learned this from a mentor of mine years ago.

When you reach out, try and add some level of value.

Instead of “Hi, prospect – let’s put a call on the calendar.”

Try: “Hi, prospect. I put together an e-book that should help your company with X, Y, Z. Do you mind if I send it over via email?”

Then follow up regarding more valuable material.

If you can create several “value adds,” you can use one whenever you reach out.


  • Blog content
  • Personalised audits
  • Case studies from current clients
  • Free lunch
  • Free dinner (steakhouse)
  • Offer to wash their car…you get the picture.

Bonus Tip: Email Newsletter

What happens when you get a “no?”

Try and get them in your email newsletter.

If you can capture their email and send them valuable content over time, they may turn into a prospect or evangelists down the road.

P.S. If you don’t have an email newsletter, read this.


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