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Freedom drops several plans, adds $50/40GB Canada-U.S. plan

Freedom drops several plans, adds /40GB Canada-U.S. plan

Earlier this month, Freedom Mobile — now under the Vidéotron banner — boosted most of its plans with 10GB of bonus data. Now the provider is back with a few new plans and significantly fewer choices than before.

Per a new update to the Freedom website, the provider now has just three ‘Big Gig’ plans, down from the six it had before. One of the three plans is the limited-time $39/mo 20GB plan Freedom launched on May 8th.

Next, Freedom has a limited-time $50/mo (with Freedom’s $5/mo Digital Discount) 40GB Canada-U.S. plan. This plan is a significant discount over the company’s previous $85/70GB Canada-U.S. plan, but it also comes with some notable differences.

Freedom Mobile Big Gig plans as of May 25th, 2023

First and foremost, this new Canada-U.S. plan has 40GB of ‘Freedom Nationwide + U.S.’ data. Typically, Freedom plans offer a large bucket of data on the Freedom network and a limited amount on ‘Freedom Nationwide,’ which is what appears on users’ phones when connected to a partner network outside of Freedom’s coverage area.

The third Big Gig plan Freedom currently offers is $60/mo for 50GB of data (with Freedom’s $5/mo Digital Discount). Freedom didn’t previously offer a 50GB plan, but it did have $65/45GB and $75/60GB options, so this is also a discount. It’s also the only current Big Gig plan that’s compatible with Freedom’s bring-your-own-phone credit for an additional $5/mo off the price for a $55/50GB total.

It’s worth noting that $55/50GB plans have been a hot commodity of late. Virgin Plus briefly offered one earlier this month and Koodo deployed a $55/50GB plan, then removed it within a few hours. More recently, Rogers, Bell and Telus all launched $55/50GB plans, though to get that price, you need to subscribe to home and mobile services with those companies.

Overall, Freedom’s plan change isn’t bad — the plans on offer are better than previous options, and the $50/40GB plan has significant value since the data bucket isn’t locked to the Freedom network. That said, it’s a bummer to see Freedom offer fewer options than before.

Source: Freedom Mobile

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