Fraud & Policy


Now a day’s all most every online company are prone to the scams, and so woojobz is also susceptible to frauds, some or the other way it’s not immune to these fraud technologies corrupting the websites name.


Common fraud :

Most of the cases facing the fraud are through the emails you receive from us which is not really from our website.

There will be emails that fraud sent in the name of our website offering job opportunities or any other, so the users are recommended to make sure of the email before they forward with it.


Some of the measures you can take to avoid this are as follows:

Two kinds of email scams are seen commonly

  • Phishing
  • Spoofing

Most of these kinds of emails you receive under spam but sometimes the companies name is forged to make it look like sent by a reputed website which is a growing fraudent issue.

There are some warning signs that can help you from these fraud technologies and to make you clear of what is fraud and the genuine.


Phishing :

It is a mail sent you asking about your account information and sending you a link which asks you to download some software. never sends an email asking you to download some kind of software in order to access your account with us.

So be careful of these emails and try to avoid them or block them.


Spoofing :

Its an email offering employment and asking you to transfer money or to make some payment.  Commonly it is generally detected but sometimes it takes the name of our website also, so be cautious regarding these emails as we do not encourage this kind of payment options trough mails.

Phishing or Spoofing both are fraudent methods to trap the users, they both come with mails in disguised name of some reputed firms. As a fact, you should be vigilant for this kind of emails. page is the reputed career building institution which strives to keep up the security levels higher and the quality of services as our top most priority. We are sure that our user is in the safest environment while login in with us, but in case of some fraudent methods, even our website is not immune to these frauds. So we request you to keep a precaution look out.