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Finland’s Border Protection Efforts Intensify With Continued Fence Construction at Eastern Border

Finland’s Border Protection Efforts Intensify With Continued Fence Construction at Eastern Border

The Finnish Border Guard has announced that the country has decided to build a physical barrier in a part of the eastern border.

Through a statement issued on May 17, the same authority emphasised that a pilot site is currently being built in the Finnish city of Imatra, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“In Finland, it has been decided to build a barrier on part of the eastern border. The Border Guard is currently building a pilot site in Imatra,” the statement of the Finnish Border Guard reads.

According to the same source, if the Finnish government takes the decision to centralise the application for international protection, then the Border Guard’s job will be to prevent people from entering Finland irregularly.

The structure and features of the barrier are tailored to meet the demands of the tasks designated for the Border Guard, the Finnish authorities explain.

The barrier system encompasses the fence itself, an adjacent road, and a technical surveillance system. Standing at three meters tall, the fence is a metal mesh with two cylindrical barriers at the top, resulting in a total height of about four meters, designed to deter instant climbing.

As the Border Guard explains, the sturdy and deep foundations of the fence, along with the fence posts and steel mesh element, are constructed to resist immediate damage or penetration, even by a crowd of people.

Similar border fences are already operational in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and bear considerable resemblance to Finland’s in their fundamental design, size, and structure.

The Finnish Border Guard also pointed out that it has the capacity to instantly respond to any attempts at breaching, penetrating, or tunnelling under the barrier. The technical surveillance system triggers an alarm, allowing patrols to reach the scene via the adjacent road swiftly.

This means that anyone attempting to cross the border irregularly is apprehended on the spot. When needed, the Border Guard employs staff who are suitably equipped and trained to handle the situation.

Last year the Border Guard estimated the price of the eastern border barrier at around €1.9 million per kilometre. Thus, about 70 per cent of the costs were calculated to arise from the material and construction costs of the fence itself and its foundations.

The actual cost level of this project will become clear after tendering and construction of some target areas. Considering also that the pilot fence in Imatra is a very important construction, the Border Guard has put into operation the experiences gained in the planning of the current target areas.

>> Finland Continues Construction of Eastern Border Barrier, Plans to Complete It by June

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