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Destiny 2 gets new armour sets inspired by PlayStation games for Season of the Deep

The Season of the Deep has launched in Destiny 2, bringing a new dungeon and activity, new vehicles, and new armor sets for each Guardian class. Each armor set is based on a major PlayStation franchise and comes with an associated finisher.

The three classes in Destiny 2 basically boil down to the three armor classes found in many RPGs: heavy, medium, and light; warrior, rogue, and mage; Titan, Hunter, and Warlock.

Image Credit: PlayStation

The new armor for the Warlock class is inspired by Jin Sakai, the protagonist of Ghost of Tsushima.

“The artists at Bungie did a great job taking historical Japanese armor elements and fusing them together with their own science fiction-inspired art style,” said Omar Aweidah, character art lead at Sucker Punch Productions. “My favorite aspects are the combination of a traditional samurai half-mask (menpo) with the samurai-style top knot to make one cohesive and unique hard-surface mask.”

Image Credit: PlayStation

For Titans, their new armor was pulled from Kratos’ design in God of War.

“With Kratos, we would have been remiss to not make his iconic tattoos front and center of the design,” said Josh Deeb, the art lead for Bungie. “Beyond that, it was all about embodying the strength and power of the character.”

Image Credit: PlayStation

Finally, Hunters were treated to new armor inspired by Aloy from Horizon: Forbidden West.

“It is always challenging to bring two very visually defined and powerful IPs together into one striking collaborative design,” commented Guerrilla lead artist Ilya Golitsyn. “In the case of Destiny and Horizon, the former has a hi-tech and synthetic look, while the latter features a more natural and primitive feel.”

“For Aloy, it was about capturing the hybrid of technology [and] handcrafted, natural materials. We spent a lot of time working to make sure the details were right,” Deeb said, “… even all the way down to ensuring the stitching on the Hunter’s cloak was accurate to the way Aloy’s tribe makes their garments.”

All the outfits are available now for Season of the Deep.

Image Credit: PlayStation

Source: PlayStation

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