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Artist uses AI to craft ‘inflatable wonders’. See pics | Trending

Artist uses AI to craft ‘inflatable wonders’. See pics | Trending

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has unlocked a realm of endless possibilities, and it continues to surprise us as we stumble upon remarkable images brought to life by artists using its power. With just a few words as their guide, these artists create breathtaking artworks that defy imagination. From whimsical depictions of cricketers as toddlers to reimagining the historical construction of the Taj Mahal, these awe-inspiring creations are aplenty. Recently, an artist shared their collection of AI-generated pictures, and it has left viewers stunned.

Paris' Eiffel Tower to Brazil's Christ the Redeemer as imagined by an AI artist. (Instagram/@joooo.ann)
Paris’ Eiffel Tower to Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer as imagined by an AI artist. (Instagram/@joooo.ann)

AI artist Joann shared the pictures on Instagram with the caption: ‘Inflatable Wonders’. As the caption suggests, the post features iconic landmarks as inflatable monuments. From the Eiffel Tower, Roman Colosseum, and Stonehenge to the Pyramid, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Christ the Redeemer, the post features ten historical monuments.

Since being shared four days ago, the post has accumulated over 14,400 likes and numerous comments.

An Instagram user posted, “The Christ has 6 fingers in one hand!” “Curious to see in case it storms,” commented another. A third shared, “Absolutely magnificent.” “Amazing, please try the Great Wall,” requested a fourth. A fifth expressed, “Love it.” “These are literally wonderful,” remarked a sixth.

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