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Apply for a Canada Passport

Apply for a Canada Passport


The Canadian passport is one of the world’s most powerful and respected travel documents. Some people use it to reconnect with family and friends, to explore the country, and to have fun. Others see it as the pinnacle of their immigration journey, as they become Canadian citizens and become part of a varied and inclusive country that cherishes democracy, freedom, and human rights.

The new passport has been completely updated from cover to cover with cutting-edge security features and fresh artwork, ensuring that it remains one of the most secure and widely accepted travel documents in the world for all Canadians.

With iconic photos of Canada’s natural elegance across the four seasons, the new passport honors Canada’s heritage and identity. It also has a new cover design with a maple leaf outline—the first big update in decades.

What New Features Does the Canadian Passport Have?

For the new passport, IRCC has

  • redesigned the cover
  • modified visa pages to highlight Canada’s natural beauty
  • included images of Canadians, landscapes, and wildlife that can only be seen in UV light

The new passport has cutting-edge security features designed to protect Canadians’ identities, such as a polycarbonate data page—a technology similar to that used in driver’s licenses in Canada. Personal information on passports will now be laser engraved rather than printed with ink, making the data page more durable and resistant to manipulation and forgery. A Kinegram above the primary photo, a personalized see-through window with a secondary image of the passport bearer, a changing laser image, and a temperature-sensitive ink feature are among the other features.

When Does the New Canadian Passport Come Out?

The redesigned passport will be available later this summer of 2023. Until then, the current passport remains secure and dependable, thus Canadians with valid passports will just need to renew them when their normal renewal period approaches. More information about the rollout will be provided at a later date.

Do You Need a Canadian Passport?

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