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AI enthusiast created images inside different metros. See the results

AI enthusiast created images inside different metros. See the results

Digital artists are currently showcasing their innovative creations in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), producing captivating images that leave netizens both intrigued and curious about the AI’s ability to capture intricate details. Recently, a digital artist, Sahid, unveiled the latest installment of his AI-generated artwork on Instagram—a series featuring metros from various states of India, referred to as “part-3” in his collection, following his earlier shared pieces.

Kanpur metro potrayed with vendor selling pan-masala while Chennai metro showcased Rajinikanth inside.(Instagram/sahixd)
Kanpur metro potrayed with vendor selling pan-masala while Chennai metro showcased Rajinikanth inside.(Instagram/sahixd)

Sahid’s collection comprises images of metros from cities such as Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Kota in Rajasthan, Surat in Gujarat, Haryana, Chennai and Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, and Chhattisgarh. These images were created using AI-powered platform, MidJourney.

Among the collection, the Chennai metro image stands out for its intriguing AI-powered portrayal of Tamil megastar Rajinikanth. The AI-generated artwork convincingly depicts ‘Thalaivar’, sporting a black shirt and sunglasses, as if he were actually traveling on the metro. In another depiction, the Kanpur metro image captures a man engaged in selling pan-masala.

The depiction of the Kota metro in the collection precisely captures the educational ambience of the city, showcasing students in their uniforms. The Haryana metro image presents a delightful portrayal of the vibrant “Haryanvi culture” with people adorning traditional attire and wielding sticks.

The Kanyakumari metro image is equally fascinating, portraying a group of women dressed in traditional Tamil attire. It seemingly conveys the significance behind the city’s name, derived from the revered deity, Goddess Kanya Kumari.

The portrayal of Surat in the collection captivates the essence of its association with the diamond industry, as the metro image showcases a dazzling display of diamonds.

However, it is worth noting that certain depictions within the collection sparked offense among netizens. For instance, the representation of Chhattisgarh depicted individuals associated with naxalism, wielding guns inside the metro. This particular portrayal was deemed offensive by some viewers.

How did the users react?

One user expressed disappointment with the representation of Kanpur, stating, “Sad to see AI keep gutkha above Leather for Kanpur, clearly means more memes are fed than real history!!”

Another user commented on the Chhattisgarh metro image, saying, “Chhattisgarh is Bowl of rice bro ye thoda Relatable nahi hai” (Chhattisgarh depicts a bowl of rice, this picture is not relatable).

Regarding the picture of the Kanyakumari metro occupied by all women, a user remarked, “Kanyakumari metro be like train kei sabhi boggyia mahilao kei liye arakshit hai puruso sei anurodh hai kei paidal safar kare” (Kanyakumari metro be like: all coaches reserved for women, men are requested to travel on foot).

AI Images on some other cities creates earlier

Previous AI creations featuring metros included:

Hyderabad Metro: The artwork showcased commuters relishing the local delicacy, biryani, while traveling on the metro.

Bengaluru Metro: Representing the city known as the Silicon Valley of India, the image depicted a group of men dressed in formal attire occupying the metro.

Mumbai Metro: The AI-generated image portrayed a vendor selling the city’s famous street food vada pav within the metro premises.

Kashmir Metro: The artwork captured the essence of Kashmir’s snowy weather, with the image displaying the snowy landscape within the metro.

Bihar Metro: The illustrations highlighted a vendor prominently displaying stacks of littis, a traditional dish synonymous with the region.

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