Wanna Live and Work abroad? Check This List Of The Best 10 Countries.



In the past, people used to follow a certain lifestyle from birth to death, their life was full of optimism regardless of what is happening around them. The parents give birth to few children, raise them and send them to school, then when these kids grow up, they find job straight out of school. After years, they retire and stay at home doing some hobbies and spending time with grand kids. However, life is not like this anymore.

Now, all the travel and language barriers had diminished by years, and all countries opened their gates for foreigners to visit, tour, live and work in different countries. Therefore, as a part of our life, we all prefer to travel to other countries for few years, experience their lifestyle, language, locals, etc. and make a small business to earn some money. Then we may come back with the family to our country or stay abroad.





When looking for a list of the best countries and cities in the world to live in and work, you can notice a variety of different lists, but I guess this list is one of the best.


After all, you need to check every single country to choose the one which fits you more, since the same country maybe great for you but don’t suit other persons. Analyze your situation by asking yourself several questions before taking any decision:
Are you a single person or married with some kids?

Do you need a big apartment or a 100 square meter apartment?

Do you want to send your kids to school or teaching them at home?

Do you want a full- time job, part- time job or a freelancer?

How many members need a job or only you?

Before taking any decision regarding the best country to work abroad, you have to take all these questions in consideration and do a lot of other researches.

In general, we chose the below 10 countries which are recently attracting a big number of people based on language, culture and cost of living.


1. New Zealand
Although New Zealand is not the best country for few reasons like spending long hours to reach there and the high prices, it is one of the best countries which which have a remarkable good work-life balance, English language, friendly locals, low number of crimes and peaceful environment to raise your family.




2. Belize
Belize is a very beautiful country. When you live there, you will adore waking up every day and picturesque the gorgeous views of the early morning before beginning your daily work in this small developing country. Furthermore, most retirees and tourists like this affordable island as they can live a comfortable life on $1,500 a month. All businesses there accept the US dollar as currency and all the people speak and understand English as it was a former British colony.




  1. United Kingdom

You may not find a job in the United Kingdom before leaving country, but you will absolutely find many good chances when you arrive. Many of the employers and hiring managers in UK prefer to hire some foreigners to benefit from their skill sets and excellent work ethic. Although the cost of living, food, education, and hospitality in london is not too low, it is better than many other countries in Europe.




  1. Switzerland

In addition to its wonderful skiing locations and comfortable lifestyle, Switzerland offers many good opportunities for foreigners who want to live there and benefit from their excellent schools, developed health care, less crimes and many job opportunities.




  1. China

China has a plenty of jobs for experienced teachers, especially in the large cities. Additionally, the government of China offers many enticing benefit packages including accommodations, utilities and travel to attract the best talents. Moreover, many foreign companies in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou hire employees from their own countries, so there is also a variety of other kinds of non-teaching jobs for foreigners to be had as well.

China is characterized by the low cost of living, cheap food and cheap accommodation, which makes it easier to pay down debt or save money for the future. However, it is not the best choice for raising children due to the air pollution in industrial cities.





  1. Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong is an expensive destination, it has some attractive factors. Many searches must be done before deciding to pack up and move to Hong Kong. If you are okay with small apartments and have a Chinese visa to make shopping and get the low-priced essentials then you can easily manage yourself there. You can find many well-paying jobs and negotiate a stellar compensation package in Hong Kong which make this exciting country an affordable one for many people.




  1. India

India is known as the world’s second most populous country in the world having more than 1000,000,000 person. This country is definitely ranked in the list of the best 10 countries which you can to live in, experience a lot of entertainment, have an expanded social life, make many friends, raise your kids and send them to a good school and follow a healthy diet.

According to a report from A Wall Street Journal report, despite the dirt and heat, most expats living in India are so happy with their life.

You can earn enough money in India as a freelancer or a business owner if you just have a laptop and a good WiFi connection, these are the only tools needed in India to earn a living.




  1. Ecuador

In Ecuador, everyone can talk English, but knowing some Spanish can have some advantages too, as it may ensure you get great prices on food and rent by living as a local in Ecuador. This place is an attractive location for every one who like to enjoy the weather of spring all the year and capable of living well on a budget. In this country, you can depend on your laptop and the internet connection to earn your living.

Furthermore, health-care and education in Ecuador are available in good prices, so you can easily join the large expat crowds who already left their countries and working in India for $1,000 a month.




  1. Thailand

Living in Thailand is affordable for almost everyone. Thailand is not an expensive country, actually, it offers cheap accommodation, food, shopping, schools and hospitality whether you are living in a metro area or a more rural area. The locals are friendly and they talk English, so it is easy to make good friends, especially if you like joining some volunteer opportunities.




10- Singapore

This country is considered as a trading hub for Asia and Australia. Although it is a home to many international companies, some new regulations are recently placed to prevent these companies from hiring a lot of foreigners. However, these regulations didn’t diminish all the amazing job opportunities there as you can still enjoy living and working there especially if you prefer home-based jobs. They offer premium homes with acceptable prices as well as affordable food and transportations.

The location of the country is amazing if you like travelling to some other Asian countries in vacations.


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