Terms & Policies

Rights and responsibilities of woojobz user:

  • Protect your personal information like credit card details or bank related information and other personal validities prone to misuse.

Terms of use:

  • You the user can find our services i.e. woojobz to find and apply, post for jobs and user resumes.
  • By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are also bound to woojobz privacy statement.

Terms to access:

  • Eligibility-  you must be 18 years in age or older, by using and agreeing to the terms and policies you abide to law and regulations applicable on usage of woojobz.com
  • Use of website content- one can take a single copy of the information related to personal use and not for commercial purpose. All the woojobz .com content is the property of woojobz or its licensors.
  • Every graphic or designs or HTML codes or any other content is the sole property and has copy right of woojobz.com.


  • Our policies play an important role in taking our user towards a positive experience while using woojobz services.
  • Illegal activities concerning in the usage of the content of woojobz.com is restricted according to our policies.
  • While login and registering with woojobz.com  you need to provide an valid email address and woojobz.com makes sure that whatever information registered with us like your name, address, phone number or email address will no be shared to third party unless it involves legal proceedings where this information is relevant.

Amendment to the terms and policies:

  • Woojobz has a right to modify or change the terms of use or polices concerned with the use of the services provided by the woojobz.com.
  • These terms and policies establish a binding agreement between you and the woojobz .com on use of woojobz.com services.