How to Start an Overseas Recruitment Agency in India

India is a land of talented people and a young blood of today has attracted many of the leading companies from around the world. The vision of starting an Overseas recruitment agency in India is bright and growing as companies start their operations in India and they are looking forward to better employment scenarios.

Every day people are fired from the job, employees are changing their firms. These all lead to the growth of recruitment agencies. Thousands of people are looking out for recruitment agency jobs. An employment agency business allows its entrepreneurs to earn profits for matching employers and employees.

Overseas Recruitment Agency in India

Location of Overseas Recruitment Agency in India

It is very important to decide the location of the office to give a Start to an Overseas Recruitment Agency in India. The office should be located in any metro city and if the office is near the airport then it will add an advantage to it. As the company representatives may travel easily and find the required Recruitment agency according to its condition and need. The representatives from abroad can visit easily and the office area should be minimum 550 sq.ft.

Overseas Recruitment Agency in India

A recruitment agency also means to select the staff for a particular job so that the business can have more profits and can establish its feet in the market.Starting and operating a recruitment consultancy agency and turning this into a real business is the marvellous achievement of the businessmen. With his proper knowledge, planning and proper execution of the process, he can start a profitable Overseas Recruitment Agency in India.



Here are some of the important considerations which require the attention of the individual before starting an Overseas Recruitment Agency in India.

  • Have enough money and evaluate recruiting agency startup costs and your financial situation.
  • Decide a domain name and give a name to your website in a firm’s name. The cost of Domain registration is 500 Rs and website designing will cost Rs 7000.
  • An accountant is the backbone of the company and it should be selected carefully as all your profits and losses depend on its calculations. So be careful while selecting.
  • Apply for a business license if needed. Consult your local government agency for requirements.
  • Collect all business tools i.e. firm’s rubber stamp, letterhead, visiting cards, login accounts etc.
  • Keep yourself updated with the upcoming technologies and standards. This will help you to tie up with different companies.
  • Learn about different types of business taxes, income taxes and update your knowledge as its slabs keep on changing with time.
  • Select a location for your recruiting agency as it will help the businessmen to increase visibility and access for both clients and job applicants.
  • Have a plan to run a business, create a recruiting agency marketing plan, ideas to get clients and other human resource services.
  • Make a decision of working alone, purchase a franchise, or join a recruiting network
  • Determine the type of recruitment services you desire to deliver
  • Get ready for the upcoming challenges and ready to drag the benefits from it.
  • Keep an eye on the demand of the market and its environment.
  • Strengthen your recruitment skills, by understanding the recruitment strategies.
  • Have the efficiency to select the best employee for a particular job so as to get an effective result. Hire a recruitment staff as per your requirements.



The Legal Formalities are required to start an Overseas Recruitment Agency in India are as follows-

  • Letter Head in the name of company
  • Visiting Card
  • Company Rubber Stamp
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof
  • Rent agreement if any
  • Service Tax Registration
  • The current account in the name of your firm in any bank.

To start Overseas Recruitment Agency in India, the owner is advised to have a website designed for the company so that market can get the clear view of the firm.

A promoter is a person who has the deep knowledge of the business concepts and it takes those ideas to profits. When an individual has an idea for a new venture, required resources such as manpower, capital and other important resources than he is defined as a promoter and can carry a profitable venture.




Features of Promoters

  • The company should be 3 years old.
  • The company and its directors should pay Income Tax for last 3 years
  • The promoters should be a graduate.
  • They should not have any criminal record or any case in the court of India.

Characteristics of a Promoter are as follows

  • A promoter conceives an idea for the setting up a business
  • He makes an investigation and ensures all the future prospects of the business
  • He formulates various documents and gets the company incorporated.
  • He raises the required capitals and makes sure that the company runs smoothly.

Liabilities of a Promoter

  • A promoter should not make any secret profits
  • He must deposit all money with the company which is received on its behalf.
  • He must exercise due diligence and care while performing the work of a promoter.

The promoters who are planning to dive into the entrepreneurial world has to first register as a private limited or State registered so as to start the new venture. If the owner is from Maharashtra than it requires to register under a Gumasta License.

Gumasta license is a legal obligation which is governed by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment act. This license gives the certified authority or freedom to the owner of the business so that he can use that place for the business or any shop.



Online Procedure for Gumasta license

  • Start the process by clicking on and complete the procedure.
  • Click on the citizen service button and then switch to Shops and establishment tab.
  • Here you will get the new tab which will allow you to apply for registration and then select “more” on the next page.
  • Go to the last option which is Shop and Establishment Registration.
  • Select “Add” option and fill the form once again.
  • Enter the required information i.e. challan number, and make the payment of the relevant fees at the bank.
  • After completing the form select on submit button.
  • Now print the form and take it to the Gumasta office and also take all the required documents.



They need to apply for the Overseas Recruitment license from Ministry of Foreign Affairs New Delhi.

Promoters can register a Private limited company with 2 directors and they can contact any Chartered Accountant firm who can assist the4m for company registration.

Rs 50 lakh bank guarantee is refundable and License will be valid for 10 years.

Recruitment is not an easy procedure as it seems. It requires new placements, clients and candidates on a regular basis and its selection is the crucial step of the business. Hiring a few internal staff once does not make the person a perfect recruiter. The market of the recruitment agencies is highly competitive.

The owner of the Overseas Recruitment Agency in India should be well-educated and experienced. They should speak English and can easily communicate in the foreign language and their managers.

Our Government is encouraging a new generation and professionals to take into consideration. New entrepreneurs are coming up with fresh and fresh ideas so that more Indians can get the job in Abroad and more remittance can send home which will boost our economy.




Getting in touch with the new companies opens the passage of different employment opportunities. With this, the owner of the firm can create a trustworthy relationship with different companies which are in other states or countries. Overseas Recruitment Agency in India opens many options for the profits of the company so that a business may earn a profit and can run smoothly without any hurdle or obstacle. To establish the contact with other companies, one can use telephone, blogs, forums, emails and he can even advertise his business over the internet.

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