Woojobz job portal site takes pride in providing unique services to our employers and employees say to our every customer who partners with us.

Our services include:

  • Free job posting
  • Resume services
  • Interview tips
  • Job alerts

When an employee seeks to apply for a job or searches for one we provide an in-depth search in to the required industry the candidate desire to enter. We provide openings to versatile industries and well tasked opportunities.

Our services in the following industries:

  • Accounting/ Finance
  • Automotive jobs
  • Telecommunications
  • Health care
  • Restaurant/food service
  • Construction/ Facilities
  • Education training
  • Transportation/ Logistics

We keep on updating new and fresh jobs inspiring the industry following the current trends in the reputed firms.

Apart from this we assist our members to login in to our job portal and find the right place to feel how you achieved and chosen the right career.

Jobs are by country and functions so that you find it easy and everything at one place. Geographic distribution of jobs will help you find jobs near your locality, which is why you can be assured of our expertise hand.

For employees candidate dash board and my book marks with browse packages for jobs. When it comes to the employers then it’s like browsing for the right human resource and it carries employee dash board too.

Our services are genuine and designed for the goal oriented to satisfy everyone who ties up with us in building their career in a smart way. It’s always woojobz to assist you in your job search or candidate to fill in the exact position of your firm.