Resume Marketing

We say that first impression is the best impression; this tags the importance of a RESUME. The process of recruitment is a long process but its starts with the filtering of the resumes.

So, what if your resume is the most unique, yes it would certainly carry a good weight-age from the recruiter to point at your resume on the top most criteria. Thus RESUME MARKETING came in to play.

What is resume marketing and where to find one is the most common confusion for many. But what if its very easy, most of the online websites offer this facility but to find out the best and at reasonable prices you can visit a evolving online job portal site, which avail with you all the information which will make you keep up with the current challenges in the job industries.

Usually what everyone will aim for, a dignified job in a reputed firm but aiming at one and getting one is not a simple task or else its made more easier with by providing you professional resume out lay, which will enhance your chances.

What constitutes resume writing?

  1. Choose from 3 formats
    • Traditional concentrating on specific qualification

    • Professional and functional

    • Both chronological and functional

  2. The order of information
    • Name

    • Mailing address

    • Email address

    • Phone number

  3. Resume introduction
  4. Carer objective
  5. Professional experience
  6. Education
  7. Awards
  8. Style your resume with margins etc. as a leading online job portal is also rich in services for resume creations. Resume Marketing is priced at Rs 7000/-  ( US $ 100/- )  – including a webpage of the candidate, professional CV, we take up the task of sending  their CV’s every day till 2 months to almost 200 companies and reputed consultants.

You are in urgency and want post a resume with in the shortest time possible then  our specific feature-Express Resume tagged at price Rs 3500/- ( US $ 50/- )  , a very reasonable price.

Where as a simple yet very creative Resume Writing is priced at for example- US $ 50/- for professional Resume writing which will certain fetch you the desired job.