Why Many Are Moving to Kuala Lumpur and Working in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a popular destination which attracts many people due to its beauty and natural treasures. Malaysia is indeed an adventure far away, but it also offers a plenty of employment  opportunities and low costs of living.

Regarding education and health care, Malaysia has excellent health care facilities due to its professional doctors and advanced hospitals as well as many international schools to teach your children.

Some people visit Malaysia to spend their vacations and enjoy life in this wonderful place, while others move to live there and work in this developed country.


Some people join what is called the “Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program”, which helps people to buy a second home in Malaysia. Others enjoy living in Malaysia in the winter to avoid the cold weather as its climate is much better than the cold European climate.



Finding a job in Malaysia

There are many ways to go to Malaysia, live there and find a job.

To live a wealthy, comfortable life in Malaysia, it is better to be sent there as an expatriate by an international employer. Being sent to Malaysia ensures a good, decent job for you, while reaching Malaysia then looking for a job is very difficult and almost impossible except for highly educated and experienced people. Many people just flied to Malaysia on a tourist visa then went to look for work, but they failed.


Employers in Malaysia benefit more from employing a local staff rather than an international one, since the income and benefits which are granted to local employees are not as great as those for an expat package.Therefore, if you want to work there, you have to search if there is any active international company found in your country and in Malaysia as well, then send your application and your C.V together with a clear motivation.

You won’t be directly sent to Malaysia at the same day, but these companies may send you there if they needed someone with your qualifications.

Furthermore, if you are highly educated you can make a professional CV with all your qualifications and skills, then use it on LinkedIn or your personal network to let some of the international headhunter companies notice you.


Having A Work permit

Mainly, the company in Malaysia must prove that the Malaysian candidates are unable of  doing the job to be able to hire a foreigner. However, in case of strategic jobs, there might be some exceptions like jobs related to management, finance, etc.

Since the Malaysian of the recent generation are highly educated, the competition between the foreigners and them is harder, so you must have good qualifications like a bachelor and a masters degree to compete them and win a job there, some years of work experience would be an advantage.


If you find a job in Malaysia, your employer must  file a permit application with the local government in Malaysia about you. This application includes certain terms like being at least 27 years old and earn at least RM5000 per month. Usually a work permit can be used for one or two years, but some special work permits last for 5 years. After that period, your request ends, so your employer must renew to be allowed to keep you in Malaysia.

It is possible to open a bank account in Malaysia and get a mortgage if you have a work permit.

Expatriates have two options to pay their taxes, either in their own country or in Malaysia during employment, and to avoid double taxation, Malaysia has an agreement with many countries. However, keep all your receipts for your tax return, if you live in there.




Salary in Malaysia ( Expatriates and Locals)


Foreigners who come to work in Malaysia as expatriates (brought in by their employers on an expat package) usually earn approximately RM10.000 per month. Additionally, most of them can benefit from all kinds of extras included in the packages like one-time relocations costs and a car allowance, they may also sometimes get a start up allowance (to buy clothe, etc.). Furthermore, some Expats earn approximately around RM50.000 per month, but this is a rarely issue.





Living a decent life in Malaysia is affordable for

RM10.000 per month, so it will be okay to work for this salary per month, especially if your wife or husband also work and get an additional payment to your salary, this would be quiet enough to rent a nice condo and enjoy vacations every once a while. Furthermore, you can live the perfect life in Malaysia, if you earn approximately RM15.000 to RM20.000 in a month by renting an upper class and attending Fancy restaurants, but not everyone lucky enough to get this salary. On the other hand, the locals usually earn only RM2.000 and RM4.000 per month ( working in non-management jobs), and people who work simple jobs as waiters in restaurant, in shops and food courts usually earn a very low salary less than RM1000per month. Therefore, avoid working here on a local package as you will earn a maximum between RM5000 and RM8000 per month. However, you can earn some more if you have high skills and many years of experience.


Avoid Expat scams


Sometimes, you may be offered an amazing job with a high salary, then after a while you discover that you are just a victim of an expat scam. Additionally, you often have to pay a small fee too for this job before discovering that this person is a scammer.

Just think and research before you take a decision, since if the offer is too good to be true, then it is often untrue.

Getting A Dependant pass procedure





When you get a work permit, you can start  a dependant pass procedure which helps you to bring your family to live with you in Malaysia. As long as the principal’s employment pass remains valid, your dependent pass will be valid.


In order to start a dependant pass procedure you need to deliver the following documents:

1- Cover letter and authority letter (the company which applied for the initial work permit should give these too).

2- Form DP11A including photograph.

3- Proof that there is a relationship between you and the expatriate.

4- Photocopy of the complete passport of the dependant.

5- Photocopy of the complete passport of the expatriate.


Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme


Joining Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme is one of the best ways used by foreigners to stay in Malaysia.This programme offers many benefits to its members including a local bank account, a health insurance and a mortgage, as well as your ability to buy a house. However, you have to fit the strict financial requirements  to be accepted.

Tourist Visa



It is easy to get a visa for Malaysia. For most western countries, citizens can stay for 90 days in Malaysia, when getting a tourist visa which is issued on arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, or they can get it at the border with Thailand or Singapore.



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