Iraq and Syria in Emergence of Anticipate The Re-Developmental Measures for Job Seekers

The countries that face the ill effects of the wars predominantly left suffering for the worse situations. War has been a word that is a small term yet has very devastating effects. Certain wars after its effects, the country tries its level best to recover the destruction caused. By making certain essential changes, a country would surely breathe a life of hope. Similar conditions are led down in Syria and Iraq, due to various wars and conflicts the development of these both countries have ceased. Both of the countries’ economies have faced a lot of destruction and due to which rest of the initiatives have been about to rebuild. After the ISISI influenced Syrians, with the recent updates through a well-known working paper that both Iraq and Syria addressed issues that quantify direct and indirect economic effects. Several people lost their lives, infrastructures destroyed, many people left jobless, refugee outflows affected the productivity of the businesses and this made it an expensive. In such a fate of life, many people who have no recruitment received on their ends yet need a quicker solution.

Baghdad City , The capital of Iraq


To begin from the Scratch

It is expected that the Government of Syria and Iraq will be looking ahead to ensure the safety of their respective citizens after such a horrifying experience. Many people have been stranded and have become refugees living in camps waiting for their life to ignite in freedom. There are several ways through which Syria and Iraq, will get a relieve from is the re-development plans that would require great manpower, engineering, architecture, capital, raw materials etc. all of these require an imperative thing which is capital for beginning such a huge task. As this step would rather change the lives of too many people, who are looking ahead for an improvised job opportunity.

Even though due to wars there has been a negative effect both in Syria and Iraq, the property owner has received a bad hit as the demand for the land declined. It was because of the refugees who started leaving the country, as the Turkey and Lebanon really has a beneficial aspect of these happenings, their land rates have increased gradually. Yet this has affected at the labours part as the number of refugees have increased, for which labour services augmented. The Government thus requires collaborating and helping in improvising the needs and wants of their own people, as giving them jobs is essential for the economic development and growth.




Need of Foreign Power and Investors

Foreign countries have been interrelated to one another when it comes to business and trade. There is no bondage when it comes to helping a suffering country to get back up on its feet with a huge financial support. Not only finance but a huge manpower is also required to rebuild these states for the betterment of the people, still being the resident of the same. Even though the war has destructed a huge amount of areas and infrastructures, foreign investment traits can be eventually helpful to re-design the essential aspects of the emergency. Even though Iraq has been referred as one of the most difficult places to commence a business in, by the World Bank Group. All of the businesses that were led in Iraq seen facing certain fundamental problems, regarding the security, lacking dynamism, bureaucracy, corruption etc.


Damascus city , The Capital of Syria


This is accounted as the main reason for the government, due to the uncertainties, does not fund any financial resources. Many countries stood up to create a completely new world for the Middle Eastern citizens and they were successful in doing so. Here in Syria and Iraq, both require recruiting people from their countries along with the foreign workforce and financial forces to re-build the places for an aspiring future. Asian man force and investors can be attracted towards the beneficial effects that might lead them towards a friendly hand for near future. Not only the Government is expected to help but also many private investors from Asian countries can lead to the betterment of these places simultaneously.


Iraqi Career Center , Baghdad, Iraq


Benefits of attracting Foreign Workforce and Investors towards Syria and Iraq

First and the foremost thing is that both Syria and Iraq have seen too much destruction and loss of lives of the people. Due to which the businesses conducted by these places have been considered dangerous and thus a gradual fall of the economic status have led towards many people left jobless. Foreign investors from any part of the world with their workforce and financial support through collaboration with the respective governments can help both of these places to begin a new era of business. With such collaboration, greater foreign companies would take an interest in investing in any field such as trade or other intend to invest in and thus for which a huge workforce will be required. Many skilled labours in Iraq and Syria have been lost and due to which there has been an emergency for placing efficient management. With the further estimation, in coming years due to such collaboration and with a great relief that would be provided to the refugees with jobs will surely change their dimensions of leading a life after such a terror.



With greater man force and investment, the country can itself get a life-support and all the business opportunities will rise up. With the proper reconstruction of the infrastructures or building of a very new infrastructure would definitely benefit the pupils. In the important context, the citizens here were more deliberately working at oil stations or refineries, while other hands real estate business and other trading businesses, which went down and now can be again re-built with more expectations of higher results. This will also lead to bring a total stability into the flowing of the currency if the countries are looking ahead for some ambitious reconstructions. According to the global economy, both the countries are now striving hard to reach up to finish the several key issues that require the help of foreign investments as the backup. Due to which investors would start investing under the necessary items that include food, shelter and clothing along with fuel, education, banks, financial or foreign exchange earnings etc., all of these will simultaneously bridge the gap between the countries development. To diversify the investment plans that could be focused on industries, tourism, healthcare, agriculture and banking, with the help of foreign investors can be achieved successfully.


A busy market in Baghdad, Iraq


With the right experts on such a job would definitely lead towards a successful tomorrow for developing places like Syria and Iran. Due to which greater job opportunities will arise and this would ensure the growth of the places as well.  All these efforts brought by the Asian or foreign investors can lead to a better future for the citizens that could be beneficial for them and the Syrian along with Iranian race. Due to such an amazing helping hand, they would be able to stand back on their feet and would also be the reason behind the places economic and global recognition. With a consecutive approach, both these countries can eventually raise the business as well as job opportunities for an upcoming ignited future.



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