China’s Prospering High-Tech Sector Attracts Indian Talents

India is a big country with many innovative talents and big ambitions as well as many leading technology companies and leading IT exporter, but most of the Indian IT marketers are not able to find the future which they are seeking for in their country, so they are moving to China to find their biggest competitive advantages in the IT market.

india - china Partnership

China achieved remarkable development in the Tech sectors, especially in the mobile Internet sector, and it is considered now the second largest economy in the world.

China is far ahead if it is compared to many other countries including India because innovation usually happens where the market lies, and the market is in China, so the strengths and ambitions must be here too.

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China, the world’s second-largest economy, is doing much efforts to catch up with the US’s high-tech, and she designed many plans and arrangements to achieve its goal. China spent much efforts and money to create a better environment for entrepreneurship to create the future, so it raised its research investment and adopted new policies as well as showing resolution to enter the global talent pool.

In 2016, the Chinese government granted 1,576 green cards to foreigners which provide them a permanent residence in the country, this number is 163 percent more than the number of green cards in 2015.

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In the past few years, China attracted a big number of workers in the domains of science and technology from India and many other countries. These workers see China as the big market which opens the pathway for them to develop their life and achievements, and when they are asked about the reason for leaving their countries and going to China, they simply say that they are moving to where the market is, and the market is in China.

China has a lot of remarkable factors for professionals and especially expat IT professionals due to adopting new technologies in a short time. Obviously, most of the trends which are taking place recently in the tech industry like sharing economy or WeChat starts here in China.

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When a professional move outside his country, it must be for a good reason, and expat IT professionals including the Indians move to China to be on the business side, get closer to their customers and experience different cultures. Therefore, China is now considered one of the best destinations for many Indian workers.


Indians speak English, so many companies in the world, including Chinese companies, outsource a big amount of their work to India. Furthermore, India’s competitiveness mainly lies in its strong outsourcing sector.

On the other hand, the Indian professionals gain a competitive edge when they are compared to the local IT professionals of China for many reasons including the language. The Indian professionals take the advantage from the English language they speak. In India, the education is in English which is the same language used by the computer and a lot of the best technology education resources from the world. But this special feature will not live forever as the younger kids of China who will be the innovators of the future are learning and speaking good English.

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There is another difference between China and India which is entrepreneurship. India has recently bagan to evolve as a startup center in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are all startup hubs; however, China is a little bit ahead, and the startups in China are closer to the market. Additionally, you can see a big number of foreigners working in China on a lot of startup projects; on the other hand, you can see fewer foreigners in Bangalore. Furthermore, China and India still need to put much efforts to reach the same level of the most mature entrepreneur field of the US.
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China depends on its innovative projects, whereas India depends on its many outsourced projects.

In China, the companies boost the innovation by making new projects, hiring different talents and encouraging all the employees to work and develop new things, so the talents in China are developed to develop new projects. Such new developments and projects encourage the professionals of China and attract talents from foreign countries to come to China and participate in its projects.

Among all these foreign talents, the Indian who work in the IT sector considers China one of the best places to cultivate their abilities and talents.


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In China, the strength of IT professionals lies in two parts. The first part is the global companies which want to work in China, and the second part is the Chinese companies which want to enter the global market; furthermore,  the position of the IT professionals changed by time. In the past, the role of IT was supporting the business, but now the whole business is driven by the IT. As a matter of fact,  most of the business models now often depend on the state of effectiveness of the IT solutions within the company; therefore, the tech experts play an important role in their companies.  Additionally, the opportunities will not be in the hands of those who excel in tech skills anymore, but in the hands of those who know the market.

India Talents and China Market

Currently, China becomes the ideal destination for every foreigner, where he can find everything he needs. The life in China is easier than many other countries since you can find almost everything you want. The houses, food, schools, jobs and friendly locals are all facilities to attract the foreign talents. Additionally, the Indian can earn four times more than what he usually earn in India, and will get an arranged accommodation too.

On the other hand, Indian IT professionals are known for being some of the best IT guys in the world. When someone says I am an Indian IT, the others get impressed by him. As a result, Indians enjoy certain advantages in the overseas talent market.

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Of course, the US is still the most preferred destination for Indian technology professionals going overseas, but China can be considered as the second most preferred destination, especially that its technology sector is prospering by time, and it really looks more promising day after day.

Another main reason which makes the foreigners move to work and live in China is to save money, as the life in China is cheaper and the salaries are becoming as competitive as in the US. 

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Many Chinese companies are developing their business in China, and they are attracting professionals by offering some advantages and bonuses to big data engineers to relocate.

This is really a good way to engage foreigners from other countries and other local employees who already work in big data. Some Chinese companies hire white employees from the West to give the impression of being international, but the Chinese IT sector can be developed and benefit more by attracting Indian talents, not the US ones. In India, the big data sector is greatly developed with remarkably skilled workers, so if you need talents, you have to offer them some advantages to attract them especially that life in China is very similar to that in India which offers a good work-life balance, and it is easy to travel between them.


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